Higher education tech leaders, administrators, and alumni will meet in Atlanta to plan HBCU sustainability. 

The National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization will hold its first annual HBCU Technology Summit October 27th and 28th on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia’s Atlanta University Center.

The event theme is “Inspiring Innovation, Encouraging Collaboration, and Igniting Entrepreneurship.”

“The HBCU Technology Summit is a platform that provides HBCU college presidents, Higher Ed veterans, along with technology professionals, entrepreneurs, HBCU alumni and students an avenue to begin action-driven discussions involving mapping out the next hundred years of historically black colleges and universities,” said Andrew West, National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization founder and HBCU Tech Summit visionary

The National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization (NBITLO) was founded in 2009.

The NBITLO HBCU Technology Summit seeks to send a message to HBCU leaders that technology, automation and enrollment management can improve viability, and offer students innovation and entrepreneurship incubators.

“We must lead the conversation and ignite action tied to the continuity and sustainability of HBCUs. We will begin with an emphasis on aligning technology systems to improve operational efficiencies to optimize the student experience, rethink enrollment management, and align programs with industry demand, particularly in the STEM and high-tech spaces,” West said.

Presentation proposals may be submitted under one of the ten tracks. Each track explores a different aspect of HBCU sustainability with an overarching goal of innovative entrepreneurial professions:

1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Focused Campus
2. E-Learning and Innovative Recruitment Methods
3. Saving the Nation’s HBCUs
4. HBCU STEM and High Tech Professions
5. Advancing Enrollment Management through Technology & Digital Methods
6. HBCU Sustainability Modeling
7. Improving Accountability through Systems Thinking
8. Technology Systems and Accreditation
9. Signature Presidents Round Table
10. HBCU Alumni Perspectives Showcase

To submit a presentation proposal or suggest a speaker, please review the requirements on www.nbitlo.org/atlanta. Submissions will be accepted online through October 15, 2017.

Attendees will experience two days of dynamic programming, which include:

* Welcome Reception
* Keynotes and Roundtable discussions
* Panel Discussions
* Expo and Innovation Showcase
*Networking Events & Mentorship Opportunities
*National Think Tank and annual report on HBCU sustainability.


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