The International Energy Program Evaluation Conference is seeking graduate students interested in energy issues

This is a unique opportunity for grad students who can also find promising leads for jobs in the future.

The International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) is a professional conference for energy program implementers, evaluators of those programs, local, state, national and international representatives, and academic researchers working in the field of evaluation.

It is the only conference in the world that is devoted solely to the development of professional energy evaluators.

The conference provides a forum for the presentation, critique, and discussion of objective evaluations of energy programs.

IEPEC are interested in graduate students doing energy program evaluation and analysis in a number of different fields of study including but are not limited to: Agriculture, Waste Management, Water, Urban Planning, Recycling, Behavior Change, Material Science, Industrial Engineering and more.

What is offered?

The scholarship covers registration fee, networking cruise fees, and IEPEC will also assist with travel expenses on a need basis.

To ensure that you meet as many people as possible and can ask questions about the work IEPEC does, a mentor will be assigned to you. You will also get training as a Session Monitor. This training is useful for the rest of your professional career and future career-enhancing events such as conference attendance and speaking.

What is the Conference About?

Energy program evaluation occurs within a context of ever-changing political, economic, and social environments. These changes affect program and evaluation objectives, methods, and level of oversight. For this conference, papers have been selected using well-known energy program evaluation methods to address related policy topics and added in a good sprinkling of programs addressing emerging issues and methods to prepare us for the future. In this United Nations International Year of Evaluation, IEPEC’s theme is Broadening our Horizons.

To Apply for Scholarship

A minimum of five graduate students will be accepted, more if funding permits. Please submit applications by June 30th, 2015.

To apply for a scholarship please visit:

For more information contact: Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait,


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