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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bill to Strengthen Minority Entrepreneurship

A bill introduced in the Senate Wednesday would assist aspiring and existing minority entrepreneurs in achieving success in the marketplace. The Minority Entrepreneurship Development Act instructs the U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, to create an Office of Minority Small Business Development. The new bill also calls for the establishment of a program at historically Black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, and other minority institutions to steer students toward entrepreneurship as a career option.

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Black CEO Technology Hall of Fame

Black CEO Technology Hall Of Fame Gala & Dinner. Black CEO Summit is a full-scale event with an awards program, seminars, and other networking activities. Earl "Butch" Graves, Black Enterprise keynotes. The nation's Top Black Technology Entrepreneurs, selected by the editors of US Black Engineer &Information Technology magazine - for 20 years the most widely read publication for Blacks in engineering and IT. The setting of the Black CEO Summit is the 20th Annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference, the most prestigious event for high-achieving Black professionals and students in the field. More than 10,000 attened.

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Atlantis Wraps Successful Mission

The Space Shuttle Atlantis and its crew are home after a nearly 12-day journey of more than 4.9 million miles in space. The mission restarted assembly of the International Space Station by delivering and installing the massive P3/P4 truss and solar arrays which will boost power capabilities and pave the way for station expansion. [ Visit Website ]

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Executive Director for White House Initiative on HBCUs to speak at Baltimore Marketing Assoc. event

Charles Greene, the recently appointed executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs, will speak at an event hosted by the Baltimore Marketing Association on Thursday, September 21, 2006. The talk will be based on the theme for this year’s National HBCU Week: “The Tradition Continues: New Successes and New Challenges.” Greene will highlight the contributions HBCUs have made, as well as provide a forum to discuss critical issues that are currently impacting them.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

2006 Emerald Honors Scientist of the Year

Five years ago, Science Spectrum magazine enlisted the participation of the country’s major technological companies to help develop the first peer-reviewed awards honoring the finest minority research scientists in the nation. Those companies meticulously assessed some of America’s finest under-represented science workers, and below are the winners. They are the people behind the science of life---the 2006 Emerald Honorees.

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Spacewalkers Prep New Station Truss

Atlantis astronauts Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper and Joe Tanner worked in space for more than 6 hours Tuesday to prepare the International Space Station's newly installed P3/P4 truss for operation. The 17-ton segment will add a set of giant solar panels and batteries, doubling the station's power capabilities. Astronauts Daniel Burbank and Steve MacLean make another spacewalk Wednesday to prepare the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint, which will turn the new solar arrays to track the sun. [ Visit Website ]

Fire Protection Engineers Boost Building Safety

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers today announced that the 5th anniversary of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center mark occasion to evaluate fire protection engineers’ contributions to building safety. “We believe that we have a very important mission to serve our communities,” says Chris Jelenewicz, engineering program manager for SFPE. “Our knowledge base can be tapped to help limit damage and loss of lives in an extreme emergency.”

2006 National HBCU Week Conference: The Tradition Continues

The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is coordinating a four-day national conference commemorating National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week. President George W. Bush is scheduled to issue a proclamation honoring America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities, designating September 10-16, 2006 as National HBCU Week. Congress has issued a resolution honoring the significant contributions made to our nation’s growth by these institutions.The conference will be held on September 10-13, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C. [ Visit Website ]

Friday, September 08, 2006

Minorities Share in Labor Market Opportunities

The number of black (or African-American) workers in 2005 was 15.3 million, up 404,000 from 2004, and they comprised 10.8 percent of total employment. The number of Asian (or Pacific Islander) workers increased 250,000 to 6.2 million in 2005, and they comprised 4.4 percent of total employment. Hispanic workers (who may be of any race) numbered 18.6 million in 2005. –America's Dynamic Workforce, U.S. Department of Labor, August 2006 [ Visit Website ]

The Federal Workforce by Race

The Federal workforce is diverse, with 31.7 percent comprised of members of a minority group. Of this, 17 percent is Black, 7.5 percent Hispanic, 5.1 percent Asian Pacific American, and 2.1 percent American/Indian/Alaska Native. Approximately 44 percent of the Federal workforce is female and 6.7 percent of the overall workforce consists of people with disabilities.--2006 Federal Career Guide, Department of Labor/OPM.

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AMIE: Making the Corporate Connection

"When you look at the mix, you understand the challenge we have in putting out talent from the engineering colleges who will meet the demands of the workplace. If just one person in this small group needs 14,000 engineers, you know how big the demand is and how hard it is to meet it. There is a crunch for quality talent, and it’s a challenge to produce it.”-- Dr. Eugene Deloatch, dean of the School of Engineering at Morgan State University.

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AMIE holds annual conference at Hampton University

Advancing Minorities’ Interests in Engineering held its annual conference at Hampton University, September 6-8, 2006. The conference brought together the Council of Engineering Deans of historically Black colleges and universities, engineering professionals, and corporate executives, to develop strategies to promote engineering professions among minority students and foster an increase in minority graduates in the field.

Broadband World Forum Americas 2006

The Broadband World Forum Americas will bring together senior executives from a range of industry players, including cable companies, telcos, wireless operators, ISPs, CLECs, and ASPs, to examine the applications, services, and content that are driving broadband demand, as well as the network solutions and technologies that are making them a reality. [ Visit Website ]

Monday, September 04, 2006

20th Black Engineer of the Year Awards Video

It started 20 years ago with the realization that there was an urgent need for recognition...People knew of Thomas Edison, but not Howard Latimer, who actually held the patent for the carbon filaments that made Edison's light bulbs burn so brightly and helped Alexander Bell's telephones work over distances. They knew of the race to the moon, but not of Katherine Johnson, the Black mathematician who sat in a room with a slide rule and paper, invented astronavigation, and was responsible for bringing the crippled Apollo 13 craft home. [ Visit Website ]

2005 Most Important Blacks in Technology

Recognizing and honoring minority men and women who are making a difference in technology is the reason the Career Communications Group (CCG) was founded 20 years ago, and it remains our primary goal today. Through this recognition, we hope to instill in others the drive to succeed through education and dedication to their own goals and dreams. CCG salutes these amazing men and women as representatives of the many African Americans quietly going about the business of reinventing, guiding, and building America. [ Visit Website ]

Honoring Percy Julian

The 232nd national meeting of the American Chemical Society will feature a full-day symposium on Percy Julian. Highlights of the ACS symposium: “Dr. Percy L. Julian: Scientist, Humanist, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Trailblazer,” scheduled for Monday September 11, at 8:30 a.m., will include excerpts from Forgotten Genius, a NOVA film that will present the life story of the historically significant organic medicinal chemist in a two-hour "Lives in Science" biography that will broadcast on public television, February 6, 2007 during Black History Month.

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Lloyd G. Trotter named GE Vice Chairman, will lead Industrial

General Electric Company announced the appointment of Lloyd G. Trotter to head GE's Industrial, a $35 billion business expected to grow earnings in 2006. Trotter was also named GE vice chairman, the first African American to hold this position. For the past year, Trotter has been executive vice president, Operations, reporting directly to GE Company Chairman and CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt. In this role, he led efforts to lower structural cost, improve operational excellence across GE and achieve world-class excellence in GE's supply chain.

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Don Thompson named President, McDonald’s USA

Don Thompson, executive vice president and COO, McDonald’s USA, has been named President, McDonald’s USA, according to an announcement made yesterday by Jim Skinner, CEO of McDonald’s Corporation. Don Thompson began his career with McDonald’s in 1990 as a restaurant systems engineer. In his role as executive vice president and COO for McDonald's USA, he was responsible for restaurant operations in the U.S., with strategy and planning functions.

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