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Friday, April 25, 2008

Robin Wilson: Success Never Ends

Robin Wilson is one of the most successful women and black entrepreneurs in New York City. Wilson launched her firm, Robin Wilson Home, in 2000 with an aim to concentrate mainly on interior design, residential renovations and project management. She was born and brought up in Austin, Texas. She is a fourth generation member of a real estate family based in Texas.

Wilson handles interior projects ranging from 400-square-foot apartments to 8,000 square-foot homes. Besides this, she offers a separate division for commercial design mainly for corporate honchos. Her major works include the renovation of the Harlem office of the US President, Bill Clinton in 2004 and the Peninsula Spa Salon in 2007.

Because of her inconsistent innovation, great designing sense, and creative outlook, Wilson has earned many honors and recognition in interior designing industry. She has appeared in numerous publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS and others to speak her mind about her creative skill and success story.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Joseph Haskins Jr: Holding the Light for Blacks

American black entrepreneurs have realized the power of their strength and capabilities and proved themselves with their endeavors in the development of the whole society. A number of black entrepreneurs have shown bright ways towards the growth and development in the American world, nevertheless, the contribution of Joseph Haskins Jr. has been truly remarkable amongst all. This native Baltimorean has the credit for initiating major developmental projects in the city.

Working since the tender age of 14, Haskins initially used to sell coke and hot dogs. Nurturing his dream of achieving big, Haskins studied Economics degree from Morgan State University, Master of Business Administration from New York University, and Master of Liberal Arts in economics from Johns Hopkins University. This man is better known as the president and CEO of Harbor Bankshares Corp., one of the state’s leading community-based financial institutions. At 59, Haskins outshines others and brought many productive changes in the financial institutions.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Black Women Entrepreneurs

Over a few decades, black women have made their mark in international business after a thorough hard work, patience, sharp focus & goal, and commitment to achieve the world. The resulting picture of beliefs and opinions about inequality, and blacks progress appears to be more complex than a single label like conservatism can account for.

Women black entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfray, Tracey Edmonds, Sylvia Rhone, Kedar Massenburg, and many others have established their names in different aspects of life and proved their true worth. As the saying goes, the sky is unlimited for those who limit themselves with no barriers. Women entrepreneurs truly lived to this saying by proving their sheer dedication and focused hard work.