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BEYA STEM Job Board | Where You Find the Best Jobs and Hardest-working Employers
By USBE Online
Feb 14, 2014, 17:26

Last fall, Career Communications Group (CCG), the company behind the Black Engineer of the Year Awards STEM Conference, put a stop to the hassle of finding a job.  CCG's new job board has America's top science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) employers in a one stop shop.

 The BEYA STEM employers include long-term supporters of Historically Black College and University engineering schools, institutions graduating the most Hispanic engineers, as well as the most admired employers of minority professionals—nominated by readers of US Black Engineer & Information Technology, Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology and Women of Color magazines. 

Unlike many job boards which aren't aimed at a specific group, the BEYA STEM Job Board is focused on matching STEM job seekers looking for the best job with the world's hardest working employers. The A-Z list of BEYA STEM employers will no doubt fill the need of interns, professionals, and executives everywhere.

“What’s most special about the CCG job board is that it is specifically geared to minority and STEM students,” Rayondon Kennedy said. Kennedy is the new assistant editor of US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine.

“CCG makes it a priority to listen to individual needs and customize personnel solutions for businesses and workers, “said CCG Corporate Communications Specialist Imani Carter. The new CCG job board isn’t a generic application that lists irrelevant set of jobs. [It'll] serve effectively as a space for prospective employees to post resumes and seek hiring employers,” she said.
On the new site, employers are able to post job available openings and internships, which students and professionals will be able to view and apply for. Also, registered members will have access to sign up for job alerts. This feature will allow members to receive a notification each time a new job is posted to the site.  Featured jobs are placed on a scrolling application that lists the latest featured jobs on our site. Without having to use search engines, this feature will quickly provide new job openings around the country.

Another outstanding feature you notice is the ability to post resumes.

“Posting your resume allows all BEYA STEM partnered companies to view and evaluate your resume,” Carter said. “If you are the candidate that makes the best fit for their company, they will be able to select and contact you.”

Members of the site will also be able to view articles giving tips on how to land a dream career. Job Hunting Advice, Resume Writing, and Career Advice are all sections in which you get advice that help make you the ideal candidate.

While searching for jobs you can use the Salary research tool. Members can use this tool to research how their paycheck compares to other people in the same industry. This function can compare salaries by industry, function, location and other demographics.

Alexandria Young works on the daily maintenance of the CCG job board. 

“I am working on creating a space in which job creators and job seekers can come together and fill employment needs,” Young said. “I help job seekers create a resume that they use to apply for positions.  These resumes are then maintained in a database for employers to search.  In the “Who’s Hiring” section, I maintain a space for companies to impart information to the public and to showcase their accomplishments and core values.  Through single job listings and other merchandise, companies are then able to list their job needs.”

Young's tips for BEYA STEM Job Board success are:

Make as detailed a personal profile as you can to make searching for your resume in the database easier for employers.
List your location, career field, Category: healthcare, engineering, accounting, etc.
Languages spoken
Desired salary
Security clearance
Work shift

“Our objective is to provide another platform for our partners to have more visibility in the job postings initiative at places where all their clientele are going to see what jobs are available without having to scour for the jobs they are interested in,” concludes Associate Publisher Alex Venetta. “It’s meant to be an all in one job board for CCG clients.”

Career Communication Group, Inc.’s new job board is an exciting element that features a variety of helpful tips and applications that makes the search for employers and employees less difficult and draining. The job board provides plenty of facts, the latest news regarding STEM careers and internships, instant job alerts and a great resume posting space that will greatly enhance your job/internship search experience.

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