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By USBE Online
Apr 4, 2014, 18:14

By eighth grade Stephen Cox dreamed of a career in aerospace so he pursued engineering programs throughout high school. Physics and atmospheric science were his college choices, which led to a co-operative assignment at Boeing Vertol's Acoustics Engineering Lab, a job at General Electric Reentry Systems and study of ballistics and aerodynamics.

Now, as regional director Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in the Office of the Provost at Drexel University, he is focused on increasing recruitment and retention of undergraduate and graduate students in STEM disciplines. Cox encourages interest in STEM as he strives to increase diversity through Drexel’s Strategic Plan Committee on Diversity.

In his role as director of Philadelphia’s Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP), he leads a consortium of nine institutions across Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The AMP program focuses on undergraduate students, but Cox hopes to change that.

As of 2012, Philadelphia AMP is responsible for more than 9600 STEM Bachelor of Science degrees, more than 2200 Master of Science degrees and more than 300 Ph.D. degrees in STEM disciplines. Training and professional development is available as well. The Bridge to the Doctorate program aims to encourage STEM students to attend graduate school by providing two years of financial support to eligible students. Philadelphia AMP institutions have received funds from the program to send several students to graduate school.

Cox has received many honors, including the 2014 BEYA for College-level Promotion of Education, and the Trailblazer Award from the Drexel University Black Alumni Association.

His dedication, academic leadership, accomplishments and influence makes him an excellent role model. “Helping others without reward is beneficial and creates a network of associates who are valuable in life.” he concludes.

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