Professional Life
Diversity during the Downturn
By US Black Engineer Staff
Jan 16, 2003, 12:14

Despite other problems facing our economy, diversity in the workplace continues to be an issue of great importance to many Americans.

We asked some of the nation's best employers, and one professional association recently about their continuing commitment to diversity during the economic downturn.

Their answers, excerpted on the following pages, give insight into why they have been so successful in recruiting top talent over the years.

Abbott Laboratories
Patrick Eagan
Director, Workforce Diversity

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Before and during this current economic climate, Abbott recognized that its business performance is strongly linked to its ability to successfully attract, retain, and develop a diverse employee population. The company's leadership team continues to promote new diversity efforts.... Abbott's continual ranking on Fortune's 50 Best Companies for Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics is one example of the company's overall, ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity. Abbott is committed to being an employer of choice for minorities as evidenced through the following: Increased the number of minorities in management by 85 percent in the last four years; has a nationally recognized internship program with minorities making up 43 percent; in 2000, over 50 percent of Abbott's total work force was minority.

Advanced Fibre Communications, Inc.
Irene Fay
Manager, Supplier Diversity

Continuing commitment to diversity?
AFC prefers to maintain long-term relationships with its suppliers, including diversity suppliers. The current economic climate does not impact AFC's ongoing commitment to supplier diversity. We believe that suppliers who deliver a quality product or service on time and consistently meet our quality standards will assist the company in meeting its customers' needs. This strategy remains in place for the long term.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
AFC has an ongoing initiative to maintain a 10 percent corporate procurement goal, which AFC continues to meet. This is part of the SUPERCOMM Supplier Diversity Challenge, signed in 1999 by AFC President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board John A. Schofield.

The Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Wanda M. Austin
Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology Group

Continuing commitment to diversity?
The Aerospace Corporation has five affinity groups that represent the diverse cultures, ethnicities, and lifestyles of our talented people, and we provide organizational and financial support to all five groups. This support includes company-sponsored recognition activities, workshops, training, and mentoring programs. The affinity groups are employed in recruitment strategies and in corporate and personal enrichment activities.

Significant changes in the past year?
Senior management brown-bag lunches with our employee affinity groups; a Diversity Hotline where employees can voice concerns about company policies or individual behavior in a protected, nonattribution manner; a "Tiger Team" concept of providing career development opportunities to high-potential employees in our affinity groups by assigning them to teams to address projects or issues that affect company business, among other initiatives.

Agilent Technologies
Lakiba Pittman
Global Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Diversity and inclusion are part of our values, our fabric, our culture, and our everyday management practices. Our initiative, "Diversity Made Real," is driven from our CEO, down through management to our employees, and we remain committed as it continues to play an integral role in the way we work on a day-to-day basis. With that said, we are aware that people everywhere are asking, "What's the most important thing to work on right now?" It makes sense that people reset priorities -- both personally and within their business environments. So, like many other companies, we have scaled down our recruiting efforts, advertising, our community outreach programs, and our participation in conferences. However, we remain committed to leveraging the diversity of our people in order to solve some of the tough economic and business issues that we are facing.

American Society of Civil Engineers
Gloria Jeff
Committee on Diversity and Women in Civil Engineering

Continuing commitment to diversity?
In 2000, ASCE established the Committee on Diversity and Women in Civil Engineering, a 14-member, board-level committee mirroring today's diverse society. This committee was initiated under the direction of the society's first African-American president, Dr. Delon Hampton, P.E., and the first African-American executive director, James E. Davis, P.E., F.A.S.C.E. As a newly organized committee, the members feel the current economic climate fuels their objective to permeate diversity throughout the society and the civil engineering profession itself.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
ASCE organized a Senior Executive Diversity workshop, which was to take place on Sept. 20th, but after the events of Sept. 11 was tentatively postponed to April 25th.

Jonathan B. Williams
Diversity Recruitment Specialist

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Diversity remains central to our mission. We seek to engage all Americans in service to their communities and the country.

Significant changes in the past year?
Diversity is always of central importance to our agency. The creation of a Diversity Recruitment position a little over a year ago reflects that.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
Look for our new recruitment booklet in February, and visit!

Cindy Neale
Public Relations Spokeswoman

Continuing commitment to diversity?
At AT&T, we have an ongoing, steadfast commitment to diversity. We believe that a skilled and diverse work force, working in teams of people from different backgrounds, will bring a richer perspective and broader customer knowledge to whatever business issue we're addressing. Increasingly, our work force at all levels consists of people with different backgrounds. Two examples of AT&T's commitment to promoting diversity in technical fields include the AT&T Undergraduate Research Program and the AT&T Labs Fellowship Program. See for details.

Bank of America
Bob Mandala
Senior Vice President

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Our commitment to diversity is not affected by the economy. At Bank of America, diversity means respecting and valuing all aspects of people's beliefs and backgrounds -- not only differences of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation but also individual talents, ideas, and experiences. Enhancing the company's diversity makes good business sense; this is not a "program" that is cut when expenses are reviewed.

Significant changes in the past year?
We have developed and implemented a satellite broadcast version of our diversity training for individual contributors (non-managers) based on our Managing Inclusion course. We have increased the number of grassroots diversity networks across the country from 38 to 50 and have worked with individual lines of business within the company to increase Diversity Business Councils from 35 to 46.

BellSouth Corporation
Ron Frieson
Chief Diversity Officer

Continuing commitment to diversity?
At BellSouth, we believe that diversity -- in our work force and in our way of thinking -- is essential to our future success. Our commitment to diversity is not a new commitment. At the heart of our mission to create shareholder value is a set of lasting values and behaviors: respecting people, serving our customers and communities...excellence, integrity, and mutual trust.

Significant changes in the past year?
We have increased our focus on internal affinity or networking groups by developing both a Latino and Gay and Lesbian group in addition to our African American and Women's networking groups. We have evolved from a nine-person diversity council to a fully staffed diversity office, led by a newly appointed chief diversity officer. In addition, we have trained 85 percent of the senior leadership on the business imperative for diversity and inclusion.

The Boeing Company
Joan Robinson Berry
Corporate Director for External Technical Affairs

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Through its executive leadership, the company remains focused on its commitment to its established diversity objectives, and by supporting employees' efforts to achieve a healthy and balanced life. Phil Condit, chairman and CEO of The Boeing Company, recently said, "A diverse environment enables our employees to achieve their full potential, which is fundamentally linked to business success."

Significant changes in the past year?
The Boeing Company has created a VP-level position to spearhead global diversity efforts. The VP of Global Diversity will be accountable to the company's Executive Council and will have unfettered access to the Office of the Chairman.... Additionally, a technical diversity program manager position was created for guidance and leadership for national diversity conferences and recognition programs.

Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc.
Patrick McLaurin
Director of Diversity

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Diversity is at the core of our business value proposition and is explicitly one of the firm's 10 Core Values. Booz-Allen will continue to allocate resources to the firm's many employee forums.... The firm will also continue to donate money for college scholarships for high-achieving minority students in the community and continue our own Booz-Allen Diversity Award program to recognize managers, individuals, and business units within the firm that have consistently made a difference in enhancing the culture and climate for diversity.

Significant changes in the past year?
Booz-Allen's Corporate Diversity and Training teams developed new courses focused on skills needed to work and manage in a diverse environment.... We also added a new "Disability Awareness" computer-based training module and rolled out a comprehensive training course on prevention of sexual and workplace harassment.... Other new initiatives include working with UNCF on a summer intern program to increase the number of minorities in management consulting.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sylvia Allen
World Wide Director of Diversity and Ethics Programs

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Cisco has actually stepped up its commitment to diversity; in an era of limited or reduced resources, we have focused on the quality of our partnerships, programs, and processes, making trade-offs for our critical priorities. Diversity of our work force is a key link to our competitive advantage, and several actions have been launched to increase that focus. We hired a senior leader as world wide director of diversity and ethics programs. We have put focus on improving our internal processes. A key accomplishment has been the increase of representation across minorities and women in the company (over 50 percent in each category). While we are looking to improve the overall actual numbers, and faced with challenging cost containment, we are proud of the progress thus far.

The Coca-Cola Company
Racquel White
Communications Manager, Business Systems and Information Infrastructure (BSII)

Continuing commitment to diversity?
With a business system and brands that reach nearly 200 countries, thousands of communities, and literally billions of people around the world, The Coca-Cola Company understands the value of diversity and has made it a top priority and business imperative. Our diversity initiatives cover all areas of our business, internally and externally, and clearly demonstrate the company's commitment to diversity. The BSII Group and our employees take part in and benefit directly from these company-wide initiatives. In further cultivating a positive environment for diversity, employees must attend our diversity-training course. Associates are encouraged to take advantage of company-wide diversity initiatives. Ensuring diversity is also accomplished through BSII's extensive supplier diversity program.

DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Monica E. Emerson
Director - Diversity, Development and Process Management

Continuing commitment to diversity?
DaimlerChrysler's commitment to diversity is not swayed by economic climate. In fact, it is during times like these that we realize that our commitment to diversity becomes even more critical.

Significant changes in the past year?
DaimlerChrysler reviews all initiatives on an annual basis to determine their effectiveness, benefit, and impact on both the corporation and intended recipients. In doing so, we sponsored and celebrated National Diversity Week by engaging all employees at all levels within the corporation in a weeklong series of activities. These activities included televised statements of commitment by Dieter Zetsche, president and CEO, and other senior officers; a town hall discussion; and a diversity marketplace featuring various internal and external organizations.

Delta Technology
Dee Wood
Director, Workforce Inclusion

Continuing commitment to diversity?
We have stayed the course with our awareness training and most diversity initiatives remain on the front burner. The events of Sept. 11 actually raised the inclusion needle. During these turbulent times, people have a need to communicate. Through sharing, it helps us make sense of what is happening in the world. Diversity provides this outlet.

Significant changes in the past year?
Our diversity commitment is "revved up and growing." We are on target with our goals and implementing our strategies. Our leadership is committed to ensuring that DT's culture embraces inclusion, and it is clearly one of the business initiatives.

Barbara Williams
Corporate Public Relations

Continuing commitment to diversity?
As a global leader in the IT services industry, EDS recognizes diversity is a business imperative, which creates a competitive advantage leading to long-term productivity and growth. Grady Searcy, director of EDS Global Diversity, says, "At EDS, our people are our most important asset. We are committed to preserving an inclusive work environment for our employees to thrive -- in any economic climate." EDS does well in good economic times because clients need to accelerate growth and in difficult times when they need to reduce costs and become more efficient. Since the company started almost 40 years ago, recruiting and retaining a diverse work force has been a priority. As of Sept. 2001, 40.5 percent of all direct hires this year have been minorities.

E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Kevin P. McAllister
Assistant to Technical Operations/Product Champion

Continuing commitment to diversity?
DuPont offers seminars and training to all levels to encourage diversity. Furthermore, we have a published affirmative action recruiting policy that also encourages the hiring of qualified minority students.

Significant changes in the past year?
In recruiting efforts at DuPont, we attempt to target and hire qualified minorities into our organization. Being a member of the recruiting team, I have made special efforts to identify these individuals for our company.

EMC Corporation
Melissa Levi
Director, Corporate Staffing Programs

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Across EMC, human resources programs are designed to attract, retain, and develop the most talented and productive work force in the information storage industry. From a slightly different perspective, EMC focuses specifically on the management practices which cultivate a work environment where all types of talented individuals can thrive, independent of personal differences. And because EMC leverages its commitment to diversity across the full spectrum of human resources programs, the company's commitment to diversity remains constant, even during frugal times.

Significant changes in the past year?
In the past year, diversity and recruitment were centralized at the corporate level.... HR now partners with colleagues in Employee Communications to ensure that diversity topics are regularly featured in company publications or the Web sites.

Lynda Davis
Manager, Human Resources and Diversity Development

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Energizer recognizes diversity as a business imperative and has demonstrated its commitment by making human and capital resources available in spite of the very dynamic U.S. and global economic environment.

Significant changes in the past year?
Energizer held its first-ever company-wide Diversity/Business Rally, which included an address by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest daughter, Yolanda King; introduced the Ethnic Associates Leadership Program; launched Diversity Intranet Site in 2001; and was actively involved in the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative and Diversity Officers' Network, among other initiatives.

Fannie Mae
Maria L. Johnson
Vice President, Office of Diversity, Health & Work Life Initiatives

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Diversity is a core element of how Fannie Mae does business and provides us with a strategic advantage. The current economic downturn has not dramatically affected Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae is still highly committed to promoting diversity both internally and externally. This is demonstrated through our continuing commitment to outreach, partnerships, and sponsorships with various professional organizations.

Significant changes in the past year?
The Office of Diversity, Health and Work Life Initiatives designed an external training program entitled "Perspectives on Diversity in Mortgage Lending." This course, which is designed for originators, underwriters, and real estate professionals, gives a better understanding of the impact of diversity on each stage of the lending process.

Freddie Mac
Keith Early
Vice President, Employment Practices

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Diversity is not only good for employees, it is also vital to the success of Freddie Mac, a Fortune 100 shareholder-owned company that works to increase home ownership in the U.S. We are committed to providing the best working, most inclusive environment possible for our employees. Over the years, we have focused on best practices and worked to improve training, personal development planning, and establishing affiliations with minority professional associations and colleges.

Our commitment to maintaining a diverse work force is affirmed by long-term, comprehensive, corporate-wide diversity programs designed to enhance recruiting, provide diversity training, and offer all employees the means to develop to their fullest potential.

Lisa K. Van Riper
Director of Public Relations

Continuing commitment to diversity?
PepsiCo/Frito-Lay's commitment to diversity is underlined by our current diversity initiatives to ensure that we attain our core value of diversity as a competitive advantage. Among others, these initiatives include: Dedicated executives for managing diversity; multiyear strategic plans for diversity developed with the same vigor and goal-setting process as other business issues; external diversity board to advise how to leverage diversity in the workplace; mandatory annual affirmative action planning process; employee networks, such as the Black Professionals Association, to mentor and support minority and female employees.

Significant changes in the past year?
In 2000, our spending with minority-owned and women-owned suppliers reached $379 million -- up 7 percent from 1999. We are targeting a 10 percent increase in our spending for 2001, up to $417 million.

General Motors Corporation
Thomas M. Thivierge
Director, GM North America Talent Acquisition

Continuing commitment to diversity?
GM values the contributions of all people that contribute to rich and creative solutions to address today's automotive challenges. These challenges are great given the current economy, and GM is continuing to aggressively recruit top, diverse talent to help address these challenges.

Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Texanna M. Reeves
Group Manager, Workforce Strategies & Program

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Georgia-Pacific has established a business case for diversity, supported by our executive leadership, that integrates our diversity initiatives into the way we run our business. This strategy enables us to focus on high-value, high-impact activities. We offer cost-effective methods to support our diversity initiatives. For example, we have supplied our businesses with a Diversity Communications Kit that provides opportunities for training regardless of budget.

Significant changes in the past year?
Georgia-Pacific has had a diversity strategy since 1995; and that strategy was enhanced during the past year. The major tactics of our strategy include the implementation of the Diversity Score Card and the cross-functional diversity council that drives our diversity projects. The Diversity Score Card measures the diversity performance of our executive vice presidents.

Humana Inc.
Vivian Tate
Director of Multicultural Relations

Continuing commitment to diversity?
The current corporate strategic focus for Humana Inc. is on growth, innovation, and consumercentrism. We know that by nurturing the potential of diversity, we will not only be able to capitalize on the positive impact of diversity on innovation and attract more of the best and the brightest, but we will be able to better respond to the needs of our customers. Our commitment to diversity is stronger today than ever before, because we know that appropriately leveraging diversity will help us to gain competitive advantage.

Significant changes in the past year?
Yes. The level of commitment to diversity within Humana has increased significantly. In fact, four of the members of our Diversity Strategic Team are direct reports to our CEO, Mike McCallister.

IBM Corporation
J.T. "Ted" Childs Jr.
Vice President, Workforce Diversity

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Yes. In fact, I believe that IBM is the diversity leader in our industry today. My belief is supported by our more than 100-year heritage of leadership and development of equal opportunity and leadership employee programs, such as the Global Work/Life Fund, for child and dependent care needs, and Domestic Partner Benefits. Our initiatives become even more illustrative as IBM employees create and lead more than 50 Workforce Diversity Councils, 110 U.S. Diversity Network Groups, and eight Constituency Diversity Executive Task Forces. Most importantly, more than half of the executives on IBM's 54-member Worldwide Management Council are actively involved with a Diversity Task Force in a "partnership" role, providing guidance and direction.

Intel Corporation
Della Smith
Corporate College Diversity Manager

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Despite the current economic climate, Intel realizes that diversity is critical to its long-term success. For this reason, we have refocused our efforts on more of our strategic programs rather than on the tactical programs. These strategic programs concentrate on conducting research studies on conversion patterns, strengthening relationships between Intel and the schools, and retaining students in technology, instead of simply centering on recruiting.

Significant changes in the past year?
Yes. Rather than focusing on a number of different activities that provide a short-term gain, Intel has refocused both people and dollars in a more strategic manner, scaling back activities that only focus on recruitment activities and investing in activities that have elements of both recruiting and relationship-building.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Clifton Scott
Director, Employee/Labor Relations, Workforce Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Continuing commitment to diversity?
The Johns Hopkins Hospital's commitment to diversity is as strong as ever. In the current political and economic climate, the hospital's commitment to diversity has increased. The hospital recognizes the need to increase information available to employees as well as an awareness of diversity.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
The Diversity Program has two main goals for this coming year. The first is to establish a Diversity Council, whose purpose would be to develop a focused approach to diversity education and awareness for the hospital. The second goal of the program is to celebrate nationally recognized diversity events such as National Women's Month, National Hispanic Month, and Black History Month.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Aili E. Kujawa
Department Head, Human Resources and Services

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Having a diverse staff is one of APL's critical business objectives. In August 1999, the director of APL established the Diversity Working Group (DWG), which reports to the Executive Council, APL's governing body. Over the past several years, APL made a sustained effort at identifying, evaluating, and implementing tangible actions that develop recruitment pipelines.

Significant changes in the past year?
The DWG targeted several diversity initiatives during the past year, including: Increasing diversity awareness by developing the Commitment to Diversity statement; increasing diversity hiring; increasing staff development and retention; monitoring diversity progress; and increasing staff involvement by establishing the Women and Minority Advisory Council.

L'Oréal USA
Victoria L. Holloway, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Vice President, Research and Development

Continuing commitment to diversity?
L'Oréal USA's Research and Development team is 39 percent non-White and 18 percent African American. This kind of diversity demonstrates respect for people from different backgrounds and encourages tolerance. This makes our organization an attractive one for people from diverse backgrounds.

Significant changes in the past year?
Approximately one year ago, the L'Oréal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin Research was established. The institute is currently hiring scientists from different fields, including physics, biology, and chemistry, with an expertise or interest in studying Black hair and skin. This hiring is expected to increase our already diverse research and development staff.

ManTech Advanced Systems International
Davita N. Carpenter
Director of Human Resources

Continuing commitment to diversity?
ManTech Advanced Systems International believes in taking a proactive approach to creating diversity in our workplace. The economic climate drives us to focus and work harder at our efforts. We maintain our relationships with programs in our community that reflect the morals, ethics, and integrity of our MASI family. Our president, Robert C. Taylor, leads our family by actively promoting and participating in workplace and community activities.

Significant changes in the past year?
We work very closely with our recruiters when advertising and attending job fairs. Our online Web base recruiting system assures us that our job opportunities reach as many employment specialists and publications as possible around the world. We also have team members that actively communicate with diversified employment agencies in placing their applicants.

Maryland State Highway Administration
Thelma D. Thorne-Chapman
Manager, Diversity & Special Initiatives

Continuing commitment to diversity?
The State Highway Administration has maintained its commitment to diversity by incorporating diversity into our strategic Business Plan for the organization. Diversity is part of the way we conduct our business, and, therefore, it is in the fiber of everything we do for our external as well as our internal customers.

Significant changes in the past year?
The SHA believes diversity is an every-evolving organizational initiative that we have not had to add programs to. Rather, SHA continues to work to improve on the many programs, conferences, and training and developmental opportunities for all employees.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
The SHA diversity initiatives that are annual and ongoing are: special emphasis and cultural programs, annual diversity training and developmental conferences, statewide employees Mentors Program, and outreach mentoring partnerships with local middle and high schools.

MasterCard International
Carolyn Koenig
Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Continuing commitment to diversity?
At MasterCard, our commitment to diversity is part of our culture regardless of the status of the economy. The goal of our diversity efforts are to ensure that MasterCard's work environment, policies, practices, and systems provide all employees with an opportunity to contribute to the business goals of the company by leveraging their skills, knowledge, and culture. MasterCard's diversity effort is driven by the following three strategic factors: operate and compete for business globally; attract, employ, develop, and retain employees globally; and build profitable relationships with diverse constituents. These factors drive many programs, including training, outreach programs, attraction methods, career development, and mentoring.

Merck & Co., Inc.
Deborah Dagit
Executive Director, Workforce Diversity

Continuing commitment to diversity?
At Merck, we believe that employee dedication and satisfaction directly relates to our commitment to valuing and fully utilizing our diverse work force.

Significant changes in the past year?
These include a Diversity Reporting Compliance Tool that generated required compliance reports and enhanced access to diversity metrics for broader initiatives; and Diversity Metric Workshops that provided divisional client managers with tools to enhance their respective diversity initiatives. Merck continues to enhance its mentoring programs and further supports partnerships with various organizations such as INROADS and GEM, which awards scholarships to students of color. Merck also made a 10-year, $20-million commitment to the UNCF by providing scholarships and internships to selected African-American scientists who are pursuing their studies in biomedical research.

Miller Brewing Company
Danae Davis Gordon
Director, Diversity, Staffing and Worklife

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Full steam ahead. Diversity remains a business imperative at Miller Brewing Co. CEO and senior executive commitment is as strong as ever. We still set diversity numerical and nonnumerical objectives and hold the organization accountable for diversity business results.

Significant changes in the past year?
We have only strengthened it. We continue to build a strong university relations program, support ethnic and gender affinity groups, set diversity objectives (company and individual), and build an inclusive work environment.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
Launching of company-wide diversity council; enhancement of accountability measures for diversity results; increase in the percentage of women and people of color promoted to higher-level jobs, among other initiatives.

Motorola, Inc.
Joyce A. Stearn
Vice President and Corporate Director, Global Diversity and Compliance

Significant changes in the past year?
The key change we have made to our diversity program was to change our focus and go beyond the numbers. We are now concentrating on making diversity part of our tapestry of who we are at Motorola and utilizing diversity as a competitive advantage.

Mutual of Omaha
Liz Mazzotta
Vice President of Diversity and Development

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Mutual of Omaha is committed to reaching out to our customers in a variety of ways. We continually provide products, services, and career opportunities to meet the changing needs of our prospective customers. As a partner with the INROADS program, Mutual of Omaha placed four students in internship positions throughout the company this year. We also participated in several career fairs to recruit diverse candidates to fill our positions, including the National Affirmative Action Career Fair Network, Urban League, Goodwill Industries, Working Mother Magazine, and the Latino Leadership Conference. We hired 13 associates as a result of these fairs.

Significant changes in the past year?
Mutual of Omaha expanded recruitment efforts in Alabama this fall to include Tuskegee University and Alabama A&M.

NASA Goddard's Wallops Flight Facility
Lisa Cropper Johnson
Equal Opportunity Officer

Continuing commitment to diversity?
As a clear indicator of their support of ensuring appropriate diversity within our work force, the senior officials at Goddard/Wallops established the Affirmative Employment-Equal Opportunity Action Plan in October 2000. Significant progress has been made in some areas. At the Facility, there is recognition that hiring will be limited in some organizations. Thus, whereas the plan indeed includes actions relative to hiring, the plan covers a wide range of areas including but not limited to feeder programs, lecture series, career development, and mentoring.

NASA Langley Research Center
Vivian Baptist Merritt
Head, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs

Continuing commitment to diversity?
NASA Langley has broadened its areas of recruitment to attract qualified diverse candidates from underrepresented groups and individuals with disabilities. We have continued to develop current employees for advancement through training, appointment to special projects, interagency details, etc. We have continued to emphasize availability of existing quality of worklife initiatives for all employees, including flextime, telecommuting, on-site child care, employee assistance program, family-friendly leave programs, recreational activities, and seminars/workshops on balancing work and personal lives.

Significant changes in the past year?
We established an annual Diversity Day at the center, when culturally diverse individuals provide information on their heritage.

National Semiconductor Corporation
Barbara Williams
HR Program/Project Manager, Global Staffing

Continuing commitment to diversity?
National Semiconductor is a global company committed to creating a diverse work force. Because of this, our commitment to hiring top female and minority candidates still continues despite the current economic downturn. Our goal is to become more visible in our industry and our community and to develop best practices that will help us to become a more inclusive organization.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
In the coming year, our focus is on developing a diversity business case that involves creating a diversity statement, recruitment, retention, metric, diversity supplier relationships, and skills training and education. We intend to create a diversity council to help us further our strategic business imperative and increase our bottom line.

The Northern Trust Company
Thomas E. Mitchell
Corporate Diversity Officer

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Northern's leadership, both at the corporate level and the diversity initiative level, recognizes that diversity is not just a "nice to do, nice to have" when times are good. Diversity falls into the category of a business imperative. That is true of both the marketplace and the workplace. In order to continue to perform at anything resembling the high level to which we have become accustomed, it is necessary to continue to be able to attract both a diverse client/customer base and to attract the best available talent from a very diverse talent pool. 

Significant changes in the past year?
We added Women and Minority Business Development to our three-year diversity goals and have been more vigilant in getting people into the required training programs.

Raytheon Company
Thelma Kailiwai
Director, Global Diversity

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Raytheon continues to operate according to the plan we have set for ourselves with respect to our diversity strategy and initiatives and commitment to providing an inclusive work environment. It is integral to our competitive advantage and our aspirations of being among the very best in our industries, one of the most admired technology companies in the world, and an employer of choice for a diverse work force.

Significant changes in the past year?
The first phase of our diversity journey successfully established executive leadership commitment with the Executive Diversity Council. Global diversity strategies and initiatives were subsequently cascaded throughout the various leadership levels.

Ellen Smith
Diversity and Dual Career Manager, North and South America

Continuing commitment to diversity?
From its first days of operation, diversity has been a cornerstone of Schlumberger and it is nonnegotiable regardless of the business climate. Schlumberger's diversity is a key competitive advantage. We believe that in order to deliver superior service to our customers, regardless of the location of their operations, we must understand their perspective. How we do that is through the demographics of our work force. Our diversity and all of our varied perspectives allow us to develop the best technology and outstanding profits.

Significant changes in the past year?
Much of our diversity effort in 2001 has focused on high school and college students with particular emphasis on encouraging them to pursue careers in science and technology.

Seagate Technology LLC
David Armstead
Diversity Director, Americas

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Seagate is in the process of integrating diversity into every aspect of our business. Therefore, a sound business case has been presented, and our diversity goals are not as vulnerable to the changes in the economy. Additionally, we truly believe that diversity provides us with a competitive advantage. It's part of our vision statement.

Significant changes in the past year?
The diversity program is less than one year old at Seagate, and in that period of time we have established Diversity Action Councils in three of the four design center locations, with the fourth scheduled to be formed by year end.

SRA International, Inc.
Shirl L. Mack
Vice President, Human Resources Operations

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Organizations everywhere, whether in private industry, government, or academia, are continually faced with the need to do more with fewer resources. And while SRA certainly recognizes the effects of the ongoing changes in our economy, our commitment to maintaining diversity in our workplace has not wavered. We continue to strive to recognize, celebrate, and show our respect for the diversity of our work force in every way that we can. We recognize that to fulfill our corporate vision to become one of the best companies in the world, we must make our commitment to diversity ever stronger.

Significant changes in the past year?
SRA recently held its first annual Small Business Diversity Conference, which was attended by more than 25 companies.

Storage Technology Corporation
Jacqueline Gibson
Associate Systems Engineer

Continuing commitment to diversity?
To remain competitive in the current economic climate, StorageTek has developed a corporate culture that values and leverages a diverse work force. To support StorageTek's core ideology, we have created a corporate culture which attracts and retains competent individuals, treats them with dignity, promotes their innovation, and values each individual's diversity. This work force is representative of the world's people. The key to our success as a company is each manager: his or her individual ability to hire, recruit, and retain exceptional talent.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
Yes: Mentoring and support programs for interns. A succession planning process and interviewing process for positions to ensure that a diverse slate of candidates are being developed and surfaced when openings arise. Additionally, our recruitment strategy for 2002 includes participation at diversity career fairs, key colleges, and universities around the world.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Gary F. Serda
Manager of Global Diversity and Community Development

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Sun has worked to not only maintain its commitment to diversity during the current economic climate but to seize the opportunity to expand our commitment and to re-engineer our diversity practices for the long term. Like many other companies, Sun has experienced a slowdown in hiring during the current downturn in the economy. Rather than viewing this situation as a deterrent to our diversity efforts, Sun opted to use it as an opportunity. Sun's Global Diversity Department organized four project teams, composed of recruiters from all of Sun's business units, to re-engineer our diversity practices with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of our diversity programs. As a result of this body of work, new diversity initiatives were designed that will be phased in over the next two years.

Texas Instruments Incorporated
Diana Johnson
Diversity Staffing Manager

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Our commitment has remained steadfast.

Significant changes in the past year?
TI is as firmly committed to our diversity program as ever. Earlier this year, we decided to continue with our annual internal TI diversity forum in spite of the downturn. However, to conduct the forum and keep cost down, we refocused the format and shifted the audience to include almost 80 percent mid-level TI managers. The conference was rated the best one ever by all of those who attended.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
We fully anticipate adding a Bangladeshan diversity initiative and most likely one for our Muslim employees.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Tracy Underwood
Media Relations Manager

Significant changes in the past year?
Toyota recently announced a breakthrough strategy for diversity and inclusion that goes beyond compliance and quotas to create a vision and value for the company and the automotive industry as a whole. On Aug. 9, Toyota's North American companies committed themselves to investing $7.8 billion over 10 years in sustainable minority economic impact through dramatic increases in minority purchasing, advertising, dealer development, corporate giving, and career training. This visionary initiative has two components: A comprehensive company diversity and inclusion plan that will expand opportunities at Toyota, and a new Toyota Avenues for Advancement Program that goes beyond internal efforts to create a better industry and expand management development and automotive service training for minorities.

United Water Services Atlanta, LLC
Michelle Stewart Ware
Human Resources Manager

Continuing commitment to diversity?
United Water has always made every effort to ensure that its work force reflects the community being served. Taking this a step further, United Water is currently continuing the implementation of a comprehensive diversity program throughout the entire organization. This program began with every employee from the CEO and senior vice presidents to field staff completing an intensive diversity-training program. Actualization of the training received is demonstrated through the selection and professional development of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Significant changes in the past year?
This year in Atlanta, senior managers from various projects throughout the country were paired with Atlanta project managers in a mentoring program that will enhance diversity at every level.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Selena Lee
Director, Office of EEO and Minority Enterprise

Continuing commitment to diversity?
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is committed to all aspects of diversity. The agency has continued to deliver its commitment to diversity despite a downturn in the economy and the challenges that accompany such an economic climate. In fact, we believe it is no less important to value the diversity of our work force in times such as these, as the contributions of each individual become even more important. Representation of women and minorities in CPSC remains above the national civilian labor force.

Significant changes in the past year?
In August 2001, the agency established the CPSC Diversity Council, which is made up of managers and employees who volunteer their time to serve.

Verizon Communications
Oscar C. Gomez
Vice President - Office of Diversity and Business Compliance

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Verizon is committed to work force diversity and equal employment opportunity in all aspects of its daily business activities, regardless of the economic climate. Verizon actively engages in conduct that will enhance opportunities for women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. This includes employment practices, vendor partnerships, and philanthropic activities, as well as workplace environment.

Significant changes in the past year?
Verizon has implemented a unique and far-reaching Verizon Diversity Strategy, which is designed to increase innovation, customer satisfaction, market share, and profitability of the corporation, by creating a culture that leverages the unique characteristics, talents, and contributions of all of our employees.

Visteon Corporation
Carolyn White
Manager, Diversity & Work Life

Continuing commitment to diversity?
At Visteon, diversity is an integral component of our overall business strategy. Therefore, in an economic downturn, it's even more important to stick to your business strategy. The priorities may change, but the basic elements of the strategy don't. Additionally, we have incorporated the idea of diversity and inclusion into our core values and leadership standards.

Significant changes in the past year?
We have accomplished a lot in the past year, including the rejuvenation of our Executive Diversity Council, which provides strategic leadership and direction for diversity matters, the formation of seven Employee Resource Groups, and management workshops at the highest levels of the company.

Whirlpool Corporation
David R. Whitwam
Chairman and CEO

Continuing commitment to diversity?
Whirlpool continues to target diverse candidates by working directly with specific universities and national organizations. We continue to promote diversity both at work and in the community through company-sponsored diversity networks and community involvement.

Significant changes in the past year?
Whirlpool continues to enhance the comprehensive, strategic diversity plan implemented in 1999. Formal surveys are currently assessing our efforts. Further action plans will result and go forward. Informal employee diversity forums are being held. The CEO has challenged our community to embrace diversity for economic security.

Special initiatives for the coming year?
All employees will participate in Diversity Through Education, "Color of Fear." Executive officers will publish written, periodic communications.

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