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Renata Spinks is a U.S. Army Compensated Veteran. She last deployed as a “China Dragon” – a Desert Medic.

The 28th Combat Support Hospital,  a unit in the 44th Medical Command Brigade at Fort Bragg, helped set up a 44-bed hospital in Baghdad; providing medical aid to the 3rd and 101st Infantry Divisions. Renata worked as a mission support specialist with the 28th Combat Support Hospital’s Patient Administration Division.

“My experience in the military has been a driving force to continue as a public servant,” she says.

After transitioning from the military, she worked as an analyst at the Department of Homeland Security for almost 5 years on assignments that supported cybersecurity awareness, financial, and other sensitive operations.

“I supported domains where forensic extractions from mobile data, as well as public domain analytic actions, were critical to processing investigations,” she adds.

‘Expanding World of Data’

The world of data can be challenging to protect. Cybersecurity, as well as information sharing, present problems.

“My personal contributions to these efforts involve not only my expertise but also sharing the knowledge and experiences I have had via public, private and federal working groups. I support not only women in technology, but I am an active advocate for women, men, and children.

‘Rising Footsteps’

Renata is the founder of Rising Footsteps, which is an organization founded on principles that address the mental, physical, spiritual and financial necessities balancing our lives.

“I volunteer at organizations working with women and children who are victims of abuse, often using entry level technology training as ways to encourage self-dependency and provide a skill set to open avenues for opportunities of employment.

As part of her master’s degree thesis, Renata is drafting a manuscript that she hopes will help drive awareness about opportunities in technology as well as the value women add in this field.

Renata has a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems with a concentration in systems analysis and design and a minor in criminal justice. She is currently completing her master’s degree in technology management. She also plans to start law school in the fall of 2017 pursuing a dual degree in a Juris Doctorate in Government for American Government.

“It is my goal to use these credentials to create opportunities in the field of technology. The character I have today is attributed to service as a “China Dragon” [and] the soldiers who dedicated their services in support of our nation’s military mission – anytime, anywhere.”

Renata is currently a policy and planning information technology specialist in the IT Strategy Group of the US Treasury’s Office of Financial Research.

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