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2007 Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) category winner Eunice Heath played a big role in the success of a turf project at Florida A&M University’s Bragg Memorial Stadium.

“At Dow, we are honored to grant this sponsorship to FAMU, an institution that strives for excellence each and every day through academics and athletics,” said Heath, who serves as the company’s Executive Sponsor for FAMU.

“Dow is a leader in innovating, enhancing and enabling world-class sports solutions that harness the power of science and technology to help improve performance, aesthetics, safety, sustainability and so many other aspects of the game,” Heath continued. “We’re thrilled to contribute to the improvement of Bragg Memorial Stadium and the Rattler athletic program.”

The Dow Chemical Company provided a $20,000 sponsorship toward the purchase of an AstroTurf playing surface, FAMU said. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams, and municipalities are selecting AstroTurf-branded products.

In 2007, Heath won a BEYA in the Technical Sales and Marketing category. She was recognized for her success in combining engineering and technology with marketing and strategy to spur innovation and create a competitive advantage for Dow Chemical and its customers.

Currently, Heath is the global director of environmental health safety and sustainability at Dow Chemical Company. She is an active recruiter and champion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent for advanced manufacturing and innovation.

“My goals center around building a pipeline of STEM talent, sustainable solutions, people development, value creation, and creativity,” she says on her LinkedIn page.

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