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Students and educators joined Saturday’s BEYA Stars and Stripes Career Day to learn from Jesse Kingg, the winner of the Professional Achievement Award in 2001. Jesse, currently the COO & Executive Advisor of One Team Partners, has had an impressive career in both the Navy and the business world. (Photo courtesy of Best First Impression Photos)

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He has been a certified nuclear engineer, submarine officer, fighter pilot, and commanding officer of a Navy F/A-18 squadron. Jesse retired from the Navy as the only officer to qualify as both a certified nuclear submarine engineer and F/A-18 pilot.

He has also held various leadership positions in the biotech, light sport aircraft, and medical device industries. Jesse’s experience and expertise make him a valuable resource for students, parents, and educators.

During the BEYA Stars & Stripes Success Through Education Career Hour, Jesse shared his secrets to success and provided valuable insights on growth, change, and decision-making.

The free online event is a life-changing experience that equips participants with skills to help them succeed in their careers. Additionally, attendees have the chance to win prizes, scholarships, and college prep tips. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from successful STEM professionals and business leaders.

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