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Carl Donahoo has had an impressive career spanning over 24 years. He plays a crucial role in overseeing the production of over $1.4 billion worth of missiles each year, which is vital to America’s defense.

Donahoo’s technical expertise was instrumental in constructing a $250 million manufacturing facility, a project that doubled missile production, directly supporting the national defense strategy.

Donahoo’s impact is not limited to the workplace. He is a passionate mentor who actively shapes the future of engineering by guiding and inspiring the next generation.

He is involved in outreach programs and mentors local students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career opportunities. Donahoo is a role model who exhibits excellence and dedication to the community around the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center.

In 2024, Donahoo received the Career Achievement Award at the BEYA Gala. He is the lead engineer of the Joint Program Office for both the joint air-to-surface standoff missile and the long-range anti-ship missile.

Upon receiving the award, Donahoo expressed his overwhelming sense of gratitude, saying that his career has been a lifelong commitment to serving his community and nation with integrity, dedication, and passion.

He acknowledged that there were many challenges, but the rewards of making a tangible difference in people’s lives were far greater.

Donahoo gave glory to God and expressed his love for his colleagues, mentors, friends, and family, who have inspired and motivated him every step of the way.

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