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Howard McKenzie received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2024 BEYA STEM Conference for his outstanding contributions to the engineering field and his work toward the betterment of our world.

Throughout his career at Boeing, McKenzie has held vital positions highlighting his versatility and expertise. He has been an inspiration to many people with his visionary leadership.

McKenzie has played a vital role in shaping the aerospace industry. As chief engineer and executive vice president of engineering, testing, and technology at Boeing, McKenzie leads a global team of over 57,000 engineers, ensuring the safety and technical integrity of Boeing products and services.

McKenzie’s work on aircraft safety and integrity has contributed to the aerospace industry’s efforts to improve the safety of commercial airplanes. Moreover, he has advocated for employee safety and production quality.

His dedication extends beyond his professional achievements. As the executive focal for the University of California at Berkeley, he supports and encourages young minds to pursue STEM careers.

His commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social change is also highlighted by his involvement in BEYA STEM efforts and advocacy for STEM education through Project SYNCERE, which provides opportunities for students in STEM.

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