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Dr. Nathaniel Bridges is leading a technological revolution at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

His team is working on brain-machine interface (BMI) technology, specifically in the iron neural program, which aims to develop next-generation BMI technology.

Bridges directed AFRL’s first-ever human transcranial magnetic simulation study.

He heads a team of over 50 scientists and engineers across three AFRL directorates and teams throughout the United States.

In his acceptance speech for the Outstanding Technical Contribution Award at the 2024 BEYA Gala, Bridges expressed gratitude for the prestigious award.

He stated that the award represented the symbiosis of three drivers: multi-disciplined engineers and scientists and professionals with two strategic, organizational processes aligned to a joint mission to develop capabilities that would enhance how we integrate people, process, and technology, which happened to be the theme of the conference.

Bridges emphasized that one can be someone other than the most talented person in the room to make a difference. He said his success has come from empowering people.

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