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Career Communications Group, Inc. began mapping its pipeline in 1976 and has kept it moving for over three decades as it builds each stage.

Thirty years of talent pipeline development have resulted in the BEYA STEM K–12 program, BEYA STEM Educator Network, Top Employers Circle, BEYA STEM Professional Training, BEYA STEM job/career fairs, and various recognition programs. The photos taken at the 30th annual BEYA STEM Conference show the results that decades of CCG talent pipelining have achieved.

In the three decades since Career Communications Group (CCG) held its first job fair, the Baltimore, MD, based talent company has built lasting partnerships with American employers that have the most STEM jobs. But CCG’s name doesn’t just resonate with employers that have made important progress toward hiring a workforce that reflects America’s diversity; the company’s audiences of college and pre-college students have nothing but praise for the work it does, in particular, the job fair at the annual BEYA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Global Competitiveness Conference.

A CCG-sponsored annual national conference, BEYA STEM provides an annual forum for employers to find the best and the brightest scientists and engineers. The BEYA STEM Conference Job Fair connects STEM students and professionals with companies and government agencies that have the most STEM job openings.

Below are testimonials from students and professionals who came to the 30th BEYA STEM Job Fair, which was held in February 2016 during Black History Month.

CEO hire on the spot…

During the 30th BEYA STEM Conference, Elisha Frazier, a junior EE student at Jackson State, met Northrop Grumman CEO Wes Bush at a seminar. When the seminar ended, Frazier introduced himself to an NG employee, who whisked him off to an HR professional. That led to a one-on-one between CEO and student. “We had a really good conversation. He seemed willing to talk to me for a minute. I mentioned it was my first time at BEYA, my first time hearing of or being exposed to Northrop Grumman. It seemed like a great company,” Frazier said. The CEO said, “Take my business card. Go to our career booth, and tell them I sent you.” While Frazier doesn’t know which field of study he’ll focus on in his internship, he hopes to study in NG’s Electronic Systems. “My first time going to BEYA and my first exposure to a big company—a Fortune 500 company. I had never heard of Northrop Grumman. I get introduced to the CEO; I get hired on the spot,” Frazier said.

Amazing opportunity…

“This is Firmin Saint-Amour from Towson University. I am emailing you to thank you for reaching (out) and for the amazing opportunity to attend the conference. It was a great experience, talked to a lot of companies, and learned a lot.”

You were always available…

To Rod, thank you for all of your help. It was really valuable to meet with you here at Hopkins before the conference. I’m sure handling so much of the logistics kept you extremely busy during the conference, but you were always available whenever I needed help or additional information.
—Theo Moss, Senior, Johns Hopkins University

Received internships/ job offers…

“Hello, Mr. Taborn, this is Jarett Triplett from Grambling State University. We met at the host hotel during this year’s BEYA conference. My two fellow colleagues and I received internships/job offers. We are all from Grambling State. I received an offer from JP Morgan Chase in Delaware. Albert Morris (junior, chemistry major) received an internship offer from FCA
(Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Dominique Wilson (senior, engineering technology major) received a job offer from Huntington Ingalls Industries. Let me know if you have any more questions about our experience.”

Our participants expressed their gratitude…

“I just want to thank you for inviting ITT Technical Institute students and graduates to the 2016 BEYA STEM/Job Fair Conference. The planning and organization provided was excellent. Our participants were able to be transported from our campus location to the job fair without any miscommunications. Everything was handled in a most professional manner. Our participants expressed their gratitude in having the opportunity to meet with several employers, corporations, and government institutions during the job fair. Many came back with solid contacts and potential employment and internship opportunities that will assist in moving their career goals forward. Again, thanks for the opportunity, and we look forward to participating next year. Thanks in advance for your support.”
—Tyrone Vines, Career Services Specialist, ITT Technical Institute


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