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The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation warmly welcomed the Class of 2023 on Facebook and shared about the first African American mother and daughter graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. Kelly Eskelsen’s photographs showcase retired Captain Tamika Lindsay and her daughter Ensign Elise Lindsay, who was recently commissioned into the Fleet, both proudly displaying their graduation rings.

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The Lindsays hold an important place in history as the first Black mother and daughter graduates of the Academy. Midshipman Eric Lindsay, Elise’s brother, hopes to follow in their footsteps and graduate from the USNA in two years.

The family’s commitment to service runs deep, with both parents being commissioned officers and a family history of military service dating back to World War II.

Ensign Lindsay is inspired by her parents’ dedication to the Marines and Sailors and is excited to carry on their legacy through her own service. Her favorite memory of the Academy is the Ring Dance, where she received her class ring as a symbol of her Naval Academy family.

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