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A recent study by Workyard reveals the top in-demand jobs in the current employment market. The most in-demand job is A.I. Prompt Engineer, followed by Human Integration Specialist and 3D Printing Engineer.

Other in-demand jobs include A.I. Product Manager, Drone Manager, AI Research Scientist, Augmented Reality Experience Designer, Digital Currency Advisor, Virtual Reality Therapist, and A.I. Ethicist.

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According to a recent study conducted by Workyard, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given rise to seven out of ten newly emerged professions in various fields.

The study provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly expanding in-demand jobs in the current employment market, including data from June 2022 to June 2023.

The study found that the most in-demand career is the Prompt Engineer, with 7,000 job openings and a high level of interest, with over 60,000 Google searches.

This is the highest among all the listed professions. Currently, there are 3,500 professionals, of which approximately 920 are from the U.S.

  • The second most sought-after job is the Human Integration Specialist, with 6,000 job openings.

Although LinkedIn Jobs shows a relatively lower count of 980 job openings, Indeed Jobs has about 5020 jobs listed.

However, there are no registered professionals in the United States, and only one Human Integration Specialist globally was found during our research.

  • The third most in-demand new job is the 3D Printing Engineer, with around 3,000 job openings, showing a lower demand than the Prompt Engineer and Human Integration Specialist.

The Google search count is relatively high, reaching 9,000 searches, indicating significant interest. There are now 3,000 professionals, including 700 in the United States and 2,300 worldwide.

  • The fourth job is the A.I. Product Manager, which, similar to the 3D Printing Engineer, has 3,000 job openings. However, the Google search count is lower than the other professions stated above, at 4,000.

The number of professionals in this field matches the 3D Printing Engineer, indicating a comparable level of demand.

  • The fifth sought-after fast-growing job is the Drone Manager, with 1,500 job openings, indicating a lower demand than previous professions.

The Google search count is also relatively low, at 1,500, suggesting limited interest. Around 25 individuals hold the position in the United States, with an additional 65 professionals worldwide.

The study also includes data on other emerging professions. The A.I. Research Scientist has 850 job openings and a high Google search count of 7,550.

The Augmented Reality Experience Designer has 800 job openings and a low Google search count of 350.

The Digital Currency Advisor has around 500 job openings on LinkedIn and Indeed, with a typical Google search count of 150. The Virtual Reality Therapist has only 300 job openings but has higher interest with 2,000 Google searches.

The A.I. Ethicist has only nine job openings but a high Google search count of 1,00

  • The sixth most in-demand job is that of an A.I. Research Scientist, which currently has 850 job openings.

The high Google search count of 7,550 indicates significant interest in this field. Currently, there are 2,500 professionals working in this role, out of which approximately 650 are based in the United States.

  • The seventh most in-demand job is that of an Augmented Reality Experience Designer, with 800 job openings.

However, the low Google search count of 350 indicates limited interest in this field. The number of professionals worldwide is also limited, with only nine professionals in the field.

  • The Digital Currency Advisor is the eighth most in-demand job on the market, with around 500 job openings on LinkedIn and Indeed.

The Google search count is also relatively low at 150. Only 30 professionals are listed in this role, indicating a smaller community.

  • The Virtual Reality Therapist profession comes in ninth and shows lower demand than the previous jobs, with only 300 job openings.

Despite the lower count of job openings, it has a high interest with 2,000 Google searches. Currently, 15 professionals are working in this field, with 12 professionals globally and 3 in the United States.

The A.I. Ethicist profession is last on the list, with only nine job openings, despite having 1,000 Google searches.

Although there are only nine job openings, 300 individuals are listed in this field, including 103 AI Ethicists in the U.S. and 191 internationally. Read more on Workyard.

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