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Vanessa King is a senior systems engineer in Walmart’s information security (infosec) unit. She joined Walmart with diverse experiences in the telecoms industry, banking, and even Major League Baseball, which helped mold her into the Cybersecurity resource she is today.

Vanessa graduated from Rutgers University in 2010 with a bachelor’s in information technology (IT) and spent the next four years at Verizon Wireless before joining a data analytics firm.

In  2018, Vanessa continued her career at JPMorgan Chase, where she led a team of interns in the development of one of the first apps to deploy to the company’s Cloud platform.

Since joining Walmart in 2020, she has worked to develop an app that will provide associates and managers a platform to reward others for their contributions, and improve connections between associates while working remotely. She has partnered with multiple teams to draw up the requirements, user experience (UX) design, and backend capabilities.

Vanessa has been instrumental in optimizing faster analytics to better manage the Walmart digital ecosystem.  She is currently prepping for her Security+ (Plus) certification and continuing to embrace learning opportunities for Cloud Security.


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