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Akberom B. Gebrecherkos is a senior relay settings engineer for the civil group at Leidos. The Civil Group is a 9,600-person business providing advanced science, engineering, and technology solutions across commercial, federal, and international customers in information technology, cyber, energy, environment, security, space, transportation, and financial markets.

In just four years, Akberom has grown from an entry-level position to a senior-level position. A technical resource for field engineers, he is a subject matter expert for the relay settings group on projects that require evaluation of evolving technologies and products and changing applications for various customers in the electrical utility field.

Growing up in a small family business (stationery and book shop), hard work and commitment were values that were interwoven into the fiber of everyday life.  Akberom remembers helping his dad on the evening and weekends while allocating time to reading books. It was then he acquired an interest in math, science, and technology.

Akberom was drawn to electrical engineering when he joined a technical college after high school. This introduction combined with higher education in the United States created a fertile soil for him to bloom.

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