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In 2019, Tarence Rice, currently in a Master of Science/Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Rice University in Houston, Texas, spoke to CCG Media about his vision for electrical engineering. Today, the  Tennessee State University (TSU) alum, who appears in the upcoming issue of US Black Engineer magazine was back talking about what he’s working on during social distancing.


Click here to listen to today’s interview.

“I started with engineering at home with my Dad. We used to watch the Science Channel a lot and many other shows related to engineering. It spurred my curiosity as a child. I went from being curious to seeking information. In high school a circuits class was offered, and I thought to myself, ‘I can design a radio, that would be cool.’ I took two years of circuits. Upon graduation, I asked myself what do I want to become? Taking a leap of faith, I chose to major in electrical engineering at Tennessee State University. From there, my curiosity took off.”

How this TSU grad got into Engineering, Internships, and Drones

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