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BestColleges, a Red Ventures Company, has launched a new Diversity in STEM hub, which aims to promote diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for tomorrow’s workforce. In addition to resources that help students get the most from their education and prepare for life after college, the hub also has resource guides for African American students in STEM, and for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) populations underrepresented in the STEM workforce.

The resource guides are designed to help students navigate STEM careers and help organizations learn how to support minority students in STEM. The guide also features promising trends in STEM, programs that support Black and African American students, and scholarships for Black and African American students.

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“Increasing the access and success of minority students in STEM is critical to our nation’s success and a moral imperative,” a Best Colleges spokesperson said in an email. “Unfortunately, Black and African American students continue to be underrepresented in higher education, specifically in completing degrees and entering careers within the STEM fields. Black professionals and recent graduates make up only 9% of the STEM workforce.”

The guide is curated by Bernard Grant, Ph.D. According to the byline, Grant is a multiple neurodivergent writer, editor, and neurodiversity advocate, cofounder of the Diversity with Dignity Global Roundtable,  a board member of NeuroGuides, and a life coach at Autism Personal Coach.  Click on the links below for more information:

Promoting Diversity in STEM for Tomorrow’s Workforce
Resource Guide for Black and African American Students in STEM

  • Promising Trends for Black Students in STEM
  • Challenges for Black Students in STEM
  • Programs at HBCUs That Support Black Students in STEM
  • Scholarships for Black Students in STEM
  • Additional Resources for Black Students in STEM
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Black and African American Students in STEM

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