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The Black Engineer of the Year Outstanding Technical Contribution Award recognizes individuals who have designed, developed, managed, or assisted in developing a product, service, system, or intellectual property that is a substantial achievement in the field and of high value to society as a whole.

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Siraaj M. Hasan is a director/principal with the national cyber market at Booz Allen Hamilton. He has been a proven leader with Booz Allen Hamilton for over 25 years. He started his career as a sophomore in computer science at Hampton University. Today he is a senior expert and plays a critical role in protecting the nation from global cyber threats.

Additionally, he is involved in his community. In 2004, he founded a nonprofit organization working with youth. He is an elected public official in Washington, D.C., and serves as a Booz Allen Multicultural Business Resource Group chair. He is a role model and a strong leader in transforming business at Booz Allen.

In his acceptance speech, Hasan thanked his wife, Dana, and their children, Layla, SJ, and Ali, for their support. He also thanked friends, family, colleagues, and mentors present at the event.

“I would not be where I am today without you,” he said. “When I received the award announcement, the first person that came to mind was my big sister, an HBCU [historically Black college and university] alum of Spelman College who double majored in math and computer science. She is why I pursued a degree in computer science and a career in computer science. I was a junior in high school when she called me from Spelman. She said, ‘Siraj, start taking computer classes now!’ She’s always been my biggest fan and my number-one role model. As young people, often what we see, we will be,” he said.

“What They See. They Will Be,” Hasan continued. “This is the motto of the organization I founded with four very close friends from Hampton University. This message also rings true in the workplace. In building a diverse and inclusive workforce, it is imperative that our employees, junior and mid-level in any organization, see leaders that look like them. This creates a culture of inclusivity and fosters innovation and success. So, to all the young people in the audience and my three children, always let your light shine. Be seen. You are good enough. We are good enough.”

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