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In the lead-up to the Masters,  Edgar Evans Jr. got his business prime editorial in Forbes. The article by Erik Matuszewski, who writes about businesses, news, and destinations in the golf world, showcased a signature shoe by Evans called The Edgar 1’s. According to Forbes, the golf instructor and entrepreneur is conducting pre-sales of a limited edition for his brand.

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In a follow-up email to Career Communications Group CEO Tyrone Taborn, who met the golfer at the 2021 World Wide Technology (WWT) Championship at Mayakoba, Evans said that a portion of the profits from his shoe sales will go to a nonprofit he launched called 13 Golf Clubs.

13 Golf Clubs use donations to gift brand-new golf equipment and golf lessons to underserved youth who love the game. Click here to buy Edgar 1’s Gold Shoe. There is also a 35-minute instructional video with each purchase.

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