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Kathleen Gooden’s devotional writings chronicle her journey with salivary gland cancer, which she was diagnosed with in April 2023.

The stories in her book are reflections from her prayer journals during her battle with this rare form of cancer.

Throughout her journey, she encountered a roller coaster of emotional and physical pain stemming from changes in her physical appearance, speech, sight, and taste.

However, from this place of suffering, she gained a deeper understanding of God’s peace and a stronger reliance on His strength within her.

Soaring Over the Valley” aims to offer insight into her journey and help others increase their faith, strength, courage, and endurance as they overcome any adversity they may face.

Her other works include “Practical Ways to Better Mental Health: Food and Lifestyle Strategies.”

“Soaring Over the Valley” comprises forty short stories about Kathleen’s journey through this rare type of cancer.

She shares how she received the heartbreaking news of her salivary gland cancer diagnosis and how she witnessed God’s hand at work during her treatment, recovery, and ultimately, transformation.

Each story includes Bible passages, thought-provoking questions, and simple prayers to help individuals focus their hearts and minds in the face of cancer or similar health challenges.

Whether you are a believer in Christ or stumbled upon this devotional by chance, you will find relatable stories in this book that will instill the strength and confidence needed to rise above any adversity in your life, whether present or future. See all formats and editions.


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