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Career Communications Group CEO Tyrone Taborn was honored by the Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning on Thursday, October 13 at New York’s iconic Botanical Gardens. The Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning provide education K-5. Eric L. Adams, the mayor of New York City, and Jem Pagán, CEO of BluSky Consulting, LLC also graced the occasion.

For more than 40 years, the promotion of career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), or science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), has formed the backbone of Taborn’s mission at his Baltimore-based Career Communications Group and its metaverse, STEM City USA.

According to the Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning, 80% of their students from low-income families outperformed students in New York state’s wealthy districts in 2019.

Partnerships with the Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning help advance the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and help prepare students for their brightest possible futures.

Proceeds from the annual gala will fund enrichment programs and activities that equip young learners with critical skills, experiences, and knowledge to enhance their academic success.

The Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning Annual Gala will be held on October 13! Proceeds support student enrichment opportunities and academic success!

For more gala information, click this link: https://t.co/MnJpzSBwta pic.twitter.com/9b6KyFzWCv

— BXBetterLearning (@BXCharterSchool) August 29, 2022

Historymakers.com has recognized Taborn as an influential figure who has had significant accomplishments.

The Bronx Better Learning Annual Gala is three weeks from today! Proceeds will go toward our students’ enrichment opportunities. We are so grateful for the support and are looking forward to an inspiring event on October 13th!

More here: https://t.co/MnJpzSBwta pic.twitter.com/VH1ZTZmDhH

— BXBetterLearning (@BXCharterSchool) September 22, 2022


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