Apple Computer, Inc. listed a Career Communications Group, Inc. (CCG) seminar on their iPod directory.

CCG’s Professional Development for Women and Minorities, a cutting edge professional-track seminar, can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes website which features thousands of podcasts. Podcasts are recorded audio files, distributed via Internet download.

CCG readers and conference participants can now download content over the Internet to a digital device like a computer, or MP3 player. Podcasting is similar to a radio show that you can listen to whenever, and wherever you want.

According to CCG’s publisher and CEO Tyrone Taborn, We are at the intersection of combining professional development with the newest technology of Podcasting. Podcasting will allow our members and subscribers to carry in their pockets the nation’s thought leaders who conduct cutting-edge career and professional development seminars at our events.

Podcasting uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to deliver the content.

Click here to access the CCG Podcast. If you don’t already have iTunes, the link will take you where you need to download iTunes for Windows


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Devid JohnAugust 7, 2018
6:33 pm

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Shahbaz AnshariOctober 10, 2018
7:07 am

I can watch this SCG seminar on my iPhone. Is this directory is available for iphones also. I just brought it from iPhone 6s price in Dubai at discount.


John ParkerOctober 12, 2018
6:19 am

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iPhone Repair ServiceOctober 22, 2018
6:21 am

A seminar is the greatest thing which is great for all people. CCG Seminar Now Available on Apple’s iPod Directory.
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Hussain DeewanOctober 26, 2018
1:00 am

Is the Directory available on iPhone 7 Plus? Looking forward to view it on my iPhone
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Alina OliveNovember 1, 2018
7:12 am

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cemlly riosJanuary 17, 2019
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LauraAugust 10, 2020
5:37 pm

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