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Career Communications Group’s US Black Engineer magazine and the BEYA Conference will celebrate the lives and legacies of Stars and Stripes Veterans on Friday, Nov. 10. in STEM City USA.

On Saturday, Nov. 11, which is Veterans Day, the BEYA Stars & Stripes Success Through Education Career Hour will host a special Veterans Day series with the theme of unleashing your potential and discovering the path to success in STEM.

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The BEYA Stars and Stripes Veterans Committee has played a vital role in the BEYA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Conference since its inception in 1987, held annually during Black History Month.

The founding members of the BEYA Stars and Stripes Committee are retired admirals and generals from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. They are Navy Vice Admiral Walter J. Davis, Army General Johnnie Wilson, Army Lt. Gen. Joe N. Ballard, Albert J. Edmonds, Lt. Gen. US Air Force, Navy Vice Admiral Anthony L. Winns, Marine Corps General Walter Gaskin, Army Major General Ronald L. Johnson, William A. Brown Sr., SES-5 retired, and Rear Adm. Stephen W. Rochon, former director of the Executive Residence and White House Chief Usher.

The BEYA Stars and Stripes Committee is dedicated to promoting excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

During the annual BEYA STEM Conference, the Stars and Stripes Dinner is one of the highlights, where active and retired African American admirals, generals, and members of the federal Senior Executive Service are honored with Stars and Stripes awards.

This event is popular and attracts Fortune 500 CEOs, service chiefs, and senior Department of Defense leaders. The host of the BEYA Stars and Stripes Dinner alternates between the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Coast Guard every year.

The BEYA Stars and Stripes Mentoring Session is another key event, where more than 5,000 high-performing high school students have had face-to-face sessions with 1,500 U.S. military Flag officers and federal Senior Executive Service members.

The session promotes the contributions of historical and modern-day leaders in STEM by distributing copies of the award-winning Black Engineer magazine to hundreds of local colleges, barbershops, and beauty salons.


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