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What’s better than watching movies on television? A STEM City USA party with friends. The thriving city in the sky is more than just a place to learn about innovations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Career Communications Group’s metaverse is a cultural hub with concerts, music shows, virtual museums,  and podcasts. Coming in 2022 is the long-awaited Black as Night Movie Nights, which will feature over 152 classic Black films and shorts.

STEM City USA is a digital community center designed to bring the resources needed for socio-economic success in one place. Founded and powered by Career Communications Group (CCG), STEM City USA provides content surrounding education, training, and infotainment.

Content is distributed through different communities within STEM City USA. They include:

STEM City Public School
STEM City Health and Techutrition
The STEMulating Lounge
The Hall of Fame
The Tribute Hall
Hi-Tech Sunday Podcast
STEM City Career Center
STEM City Seminars
STEM City Auditoriums

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