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Community service is a manifestation of people-driven altruism, where individuals unite in a shared commitment to uplift and support their communities.

Eric Biribuze is a distinguished professional with a remarkable 26-year career at Corning. He is the global sales director of the automotive glass solutions business.

At Corning, the commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom, aiming to ensure innovative products reach diverse markets globally.

His expertise and direct contributions in leading a global team have solidified Corning as a leader in the automotive industry. Eric’s leadership inspires a positive work environment, motivating his team to reach their full potential. His mentorship has left a lasting impact.

Apart from his professional achievements, Eric champions the Science Technology Entrepreneurship Academy (STELA) science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) program.

This program is purpose-built to inspire young people to see the value of STEM fields in everyday life.

The transformative effects of the program are evident in the community in upstate New York and abroad. Eric is a leader and a mentor to many, and he’s always ready to lend a hand in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

“I’m truly honored to receive the award for community service and extend my gratitude for this recognition,” he said in his acceptance speech. “Working for a company with a century-long legacy of life-changing innovation has been a true blessing and a source of inspiration for who I am today. After receiving my BEYA in 2018, I knew I would proudly carry the responsibility of helping to steer the development and advancement of STEM for the next generation. When I established STELA, my goal was clear: foster the next wave of STEM leaders.

“We devote our time and talent to providing top-tier STEM and leadership programs to underserved youth in the United States and Africa. In three years, our robotics program has touched the lives of over 2,000 students in communities spread through Corning, New York, Burundi, and Rwanda. We hope to grow into more communities with unwavering integrity, innovative thinking, inclusiveness, and collaboration. Our organization redefines the future of STEM, ensuring lasting impact. Our contributions transcended borders, inspiring curiosity and ambition in young individuals who might otherwise miss the chance to explore robotics.

“This recognition celebrates the collective spirit of giving back fostered by our organization with STEM communities near and far. The African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child. For me, that village is STELA. I dedicate this award to every volunteer, mentor, student, partner, and sponsor who believes that together we can create an impactful legacy. Let’s continue working together, fostering a culture of service and inclusivity. Lastly, thank you to my colleagues, friends, and family, about 50 strong in this room, and many more cheering from afar.”

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