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The BEYA STEM awards acknowledge outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. These awards recognize the hard work and tireless efforts of the recipients.

Awards presented at BEYA come in various categories, such as Career Achievement, Community Service, Dave Barclay Affirmative Action, Educational Leadership, Corporate Promotion of Education, Most Promising Engineer, Most Promising Scientist, Outstanding Technical Contribution, Professional Achievement, Research Leadership, Senior Investigator, and Professional Achievement.

In 2024, Matice Wright-Springer will receive the Pioneer Award for her outstanding achievements during the BEYA weekend in Baltimore, MD.

Wright-Springer is currently a senior vice president in the defense industry. She began her trailblazing career as a naval flight officer, becoming the first Black female to serve. She is equally comfortable in the cockpit of an E-6 heavy-jet aircraft as she is in a corporate boardroom.

After serving in the Navy, she was appointed a White House Fellow. She was also appointed to the Senior Executive Service, where she led manufacturing and industrial base policy efforts at the Department of Defense.

Wright-Springer’s accomplishments in engineering, aviation, and leadership roles overseeing billion-dollar defense contracts showcased excellence despite inequalities of opportunities for black women.

Her photo has been displayed for decades in numerous publications and at various locations, including the Pentagon. It serves as a reminder of her legacy and the path she paved for future generations.

Her barrier-breaking accomplishments serve as inspiration for others to make a difference. Her commitment as a role model is evident in her engagement with youth aspiring to fly and with future leaders striving to achieve a seat in the boardroom. Wright-Springer is a powerful symbol of what is possible.


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