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Through her leadership of the digital engineering solutions team at Lockheed Martin, Demia Readoux is recognized as a senior manager of corporate systems engineering across the engineering organization. She is responsible for a portfolio of products and services that target the digital capabilities needed to make the workforce more engaged and more productive.

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Demia began her career as a project manager at Lockheed Martin after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on management information systems. As an early-career professional, she accelerated growth through assignments in systems engineering and planning,  as well as earning a master’s degree in management, and industry certifications that are directly aligned to capabilities within Lockheed Martin. Demia is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Control Account Manager.

Demia has also held served as a program manager for Lockheed’s leadership development programs (LDPs). According to the website, these programs include classroom training as well as online learning, mentoring, on-the-job training, and special tasks. Demia will receive an award for her outstanding technical contributions at the 2022 BEYA STEM Conference.

“Demia is an avid STEM advocate and catalyst for change in her work and in her broader community. It has been a privilege to know and work with this brilliant and dedicated engineering leader and mentor,” said Daniel J. Heller of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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