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Organizations need to refresh, and sometimes, reinvent their diversity initiatives. A successful diversity strategy should be an innovative management and leadership approach. There is a process by which you can successfully roll out a robust and sustainable diversity initiative. Clarifying and effectively mapping your direction will save you and your organization time and resources. This process includes understanding specific diversity challenges that are tied to the business goals of the organization. Often companies start with external recruiting, employee resource groups, and other sources that may not yield maximum results. What does success mean to your organization and how can your initiatives contribute to this greater purpose? In this seminar, top diversity and inclusion leaders share ways to drive a sound message, implement best practices, and integrate diversity strategies into the bigger organizational picture. These strategies will increase talent acquisition, enhance performance, and strengthen leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes: Increase leadership effectiveness in areas of Diversity and Inclusion At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

a) Explore strategic approaches to increase diversity and inclusion effectiveness

b) Examine ways to refresh and assess current diversity strategies

c) Examine talent acquisition, performance, and leadership tools and techniques

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