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Dr. Nicole Jackson is a researcher and developer in science and engineering systems research and analysis at Sandia National Laboratories.

She is dedicated to creating sustainable futures by working at the intersection of climate change, sustainable energy, and infrastructure development. Her work impacts people worldwide in numerous ways.

Dr. Jackson leads hazard analysis research for various energy systems, resulting in numerous publications and technical reports that significantly contribute to our understanding of climate impacts on energy infrastructure.

She actively participates in scientific communities, contributes to the advancement of engineering sciences, and fosters the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Dr. Jackson is a champion of sustainable futures, driving change and innovation in the field of climate engineering.

In her acceptance speech for the Most Promising Engineer in Industry Award at the bEYA STEM Conference, Dr. Jackson said, “Receiving this accolade is a profound milestone in my career. It recognizes my past efforts and ignites my commitment to innovating for the future. I stand here because of the unwavering support of my mentors, colleagues, and family, who have believed in me through every challenge. Together, we are shaping a world where engineering solves our most complex problems. Let’s continue to inspire, mentor, and drive forward, creating a legacy of innovation and diversity in STEM.”

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