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The Maryland Energy Administration launched today the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program initiative to promote electric vehicles throughout the State and aid the installation of Electric Vehicle Recharging units and Truck Stop Electrification.

The new program, run by MEA and the Maryland Clean Cities Coalition will provide $1 million this fiscal year in grants to state & local governments, nonprofits and private entities.

This news comes on the heels of Governor Martin O’Malley introducing an Electric Vehicle Tax Credit bill during this legislative session. The proposed bill provides Maryland residents with up to $2,000 in tax incentives to help defray the upfront costs of purchasing electric vehicles.

“These grants represent the future of sustainable transportation,” remarked Governor O’Malley. “Today’s announcement is part of our long-term commitment to lead by example in energy advancements and create a cleaner, less expensive, and more fuel efficient transportation options for our citizens.”

The grants will assist organizations in purchasing and installing Electric Vehicle Recharging units and Truck Stop Electrification systems. Several plug-in electric vehicles are expected to be commercially available later this year, including the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf.

These vehicles will reduce the amount of liquid petroleum utilized in the state while also reducing our carbon footprint and promoting energy independence. Interested parties may download the application from the MEA website at www.energy.maryland.gov.

“The Maryland Energy Administration is thrilled to be able to partner with Clean Cities to make continued strides in promoting electric vehicles and accelerate our transition to a cleaner energy future,” commented MEA Director Malcolm Woolf, ” Maryland is moving to take advantage of this exciting technology, which promises to reduce fuel bills, improve air quality, and reduce our dependence on oil imports.”

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