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Dr. David Dalton, CEO of Univec Inc., was named one of 100 healthcare visionaries in 2019 by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.  IFAH is made up of top achievers from the health and wellness domain who are recognized for their contributions.

According to the citation, the award was given in recognition of Dalton’s contributions to health care.

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This week, Dalton was featured in MicroCap Daily, a news and research organization focusing on micro and small-cap companies.

According to Boe Rimes, Univec, Inc. is continuing its growth and expansion plans, recently adding Lamont Ellis as president and Lauren Herron as vice president. They join CEO David Dalton, the first Black pharmaceutical executive in the chain drug industry.

Last year, Univec announced the acquisition of outpatient health centers in Maryland.  According to MicroCap, the acquisition was projected to add in excess of $17 million in topline revenue to Univec.

In October, Univec formed a partnership with bioRemedies MD, LLC, to offer adjunct therapies for pain and sleep disorders. Currently trading at a $56 million market valuation UNVC is on the rise, MicroCap Daily reported.

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