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Tonyetta Gallagher is a satellite ground system integration engineer. As a member of the system engineering team, she works with software developers, test engineers, subcontractors, and customers. Above and beyond her technical expertise, Tonyetta exemplifies core Northrop Grumman values.

She is an active proponent of diversity and inclusion in recruiting and hiring. She also chairs the Women’s International Network employee resource group and has successfully increased membership. Her experience also includes serving as a volunteer for a middle school science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) club. She has been a GESTEM (Girls Exploring Science Technology Engineering and Math) volunteer since 2007.

Tonyetta’s professional experience, program knowledge, and role as lead integrator have been critical to the New Moon program. She has served as a valued leader on the team and a section manager in the engineering and sciences group.

In addition, she is responsible for the integration and delivery of software maintenance releases that are critical to program sustainment. Her system integration knowledge helps to ensure the successful delivery of enhanced mission content. Her commitment to incorporating Agile and DevOps solutions is a valuable addition to the integration team’s training and operational support capabilities.


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