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President Biden has recently signed an Executive Order to ensure that the United States leads in harnessing the potential and managing the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

The order also prioritizes the quick recruitment of AI professionals through a government-wide AI talent surge led by the Office of Personnel Management, U.S. Digital Service, U.S. Digital Corps, and Presidential Innovation Fellowship. In addition, agencies will provide AI training to employees at all levels in relevant fields to enhance their skills.

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The order establishes new standards for AI safety and security, protects Americans’ privacy, advances equity and civil rights, stands up for consumers and workers, promotes innovation and competition, and advances American leadership worldwide.

The Executive Order directs the following actions:

New standards for AI safety and security to protect Americans’ privacy by prioritizing federal support for accelerating the development and use of privacy-preserving techniques. These techniques include those that use cutting-edge AI and let AI systems be trained while preserving the privacy of the training data.

Preventing irresponsible uses of AI that can lead to and deepen discrimination, bias, and other abuses in justice, healthcare, and housing.

The order provides clear guidance to landlords, federal benefit programs, and federal contractors to keep AI algorithms from exacerbating discrimination.

It also addresses algorithmic discrimination through training, technical assistance, and coordination between the Department of Justice and Federal civil rights offices on best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI.

Advancing the responsible use of AI in healthcare and the development of affordable and life-saving drugs.

Shaping AI’s potential to transform education by creating resources to support educators deploying AI-enabled educational tools, such as personalized tutoring in schools.

Supporting workers by developing principles and best practices to mitigate the harms and maximize the benefits of AI for workers.

The order addresses job displacement, labor standards, workplace equity, health and safety, and data collection.

It also produces a report on AI’s potential labor-market impacts and studies and identifies options for strengthening federal support for workers facing labor disruptions, including from AI.

Promoting innovation and competition by working with other nations to support safe, secure, and trustworthy deployment and use of AI worldwide.

The order issues guidance for agencies’ use of AI, including clear standards to protect rights and safety, improve AI procurement, and strengthen AI deployment.

It also helps agencies acquire specified AI products and services faster, cheaply, and more effectively through more rapid and efficient contracting.

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