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Whether you need a 3D printing visual aid to wow a professor or are just curious, you are limited only by imagination. According to Norfolk State University, students and faculty can now incorporate 3D printing into their assignments or course materials.

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Unveiling a new 3D Printing Laboratory in its Makerspace, Norfolk State showcased eight 3D printers. Six of them are described as “cutting-edge models that can print in multiple colors, and material types.” Additionally, there is special 3D Modeling software and a variety of tools for working with 3D prints.

According to the historically Black college and university, the lab houses four Ultimaker S5s, two MakerBot Methods, one MakerBot Z18, and a MakerBot Replicator Plus, making it one of the largest and best-equipped 3D Makerspaces in Hampton Roads. The Ultimaker S5s is perfect for prototyping and engineering projects and the new MakerBot Methods are great for those new to 3D printing.

“The potential in STEM projects, such as engineering prototypes, can be actualized like never before. Nursing, Allied Health, Physical Education students, and others can print models of the human body to study,” Norfolk State said on its website.

3D printing is the ability to create three-dimensional objects using specialized software to create 3D models made of plastic (or other materials) that have been melted and resolidified into the desired design. High precision 3D printing allows users to create models of buildings, people, and things.

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