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Online College Plan was created to help parents and students learn about how to plan for an online college education. In their most recent ranking, OnlineCollegePlan.com, examined colleges located within 100 miles of the nation’s capital in order to develop the latest “Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near Washington, D.C.”

Using sources such as College Data and Niche, as well as the schools’ websites, each school was evaluated to find out if online classes were offered. Then, the schools were organized by adding the percentage numbers for freshman satisfaction and graduation rates. Added to these numbers were a numerical equivalent of the academic and overall grades.

Morgan State University, which is around 40 miles from Washington, D.C., and has been recognized as #11 in OnlineCollegePlan’s national ranking, is in the Top 20 Best HBCU with Online Programs.

Morgan offers online courses in 9 areas of study. They include an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering and Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Howard University in Washington, D.C. was ranked third by OnlineCollegePlan in the Top 20 Best HBCU with Online Programs.

Howard University has 13 different schools and colleges and offers its students over 120 areas of study. Howard also offers students a selection of online courses as well as fully online programs for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

To learn more about the Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near Washington DC visit Online College Plan. Full methodology is disclosed preceding the ranking. (https://www.onlinecollegeplan.com/online-colleges-washington-dc/)


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