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Seniors at Morgan State’s School of Global Journalism and Communication (SGJC), who are graduating  in May are preparing to leave. But one thing was about to make the transition a little bumpy for some.

Universities don’t like doing collections but they have been known to stop students from graduating because they owe money. So during a Board of Regents event at Morgan State University Tuesday, the hat went around the room and $50,000 was raised. Here’s how it all broke down:

“Dr. Turner,” wrote Mr. DeWayne Wickham…

“To help improve the university’s graduation rate, I made a personal contribution of $5,000 yesterday to the MSU Foundation. Additionally, I will use $5,000 from the Opportunity Grant Fund that was created by my school’s Board of Visitors to raise SGJC’s contribution to $10,000. Please use this money to assist SGJC students whose graduation in May will help Morgan reach its 50 by 25 goal. After doing this, any remaining funds should be used at your discretion to help other Morgan students who need financial aid to graduate in May.”

Mr. DeWayne Wickham, founding dean of Morgan State’s School of Global Journalism & Communication. (SGJC) and onetime distinguished professor of journalism at Delaware State University began his journalism career in the summer of 1973. Over the next 42 years, he worked for the Baltimore Sun, U.S. News & World Report,  BET News and USA TODAY, where he wrote a nationally-syndicated opinion column for 30 years.

Kara Turner, Ph.D. is Vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Success at Morgan State University.

She wrote:

Thank you for your very generous support, Dean!

Under Dr. Turner’s leadership, the university has experienced a ten percentage point decrease in the federal loan cohort default rate. She is spearheading the University’s 50 by 25 Campaign, to increase the University’s six-year graduation rate to 50% by 2025.

“Dean Wickham,” President David Wilson wrote:

“Thank you for investing in the success of our students. I thought Tyrone was just joking with you on yesterday. I didn’t realize that you actually committed to making a gift. Again, thank you for helping to get our students across the finish line.”

Dr. David Wilson’s tenure as Morgan’s president, which began on July 1, 2010, has been characterized by great gains for the University. Among the many highlights: the founding of a new school, the School of Global Journalism and Communication.

Mr. Tyrone D. Taborn is Secretary of the Board of Regents at Morgan State University.

As the publisher, chairman, and CEO of Career Communications Group, a minority-owned media services company, CCG has built partnerships with organizations through US Black Engineer magazine,  and conferences such as this week’s BEYA STEM Conference in Washington D.C., which promotes achievements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

“At yesterday’s board of regent meeting faculty and regents contributed over $50, 000 to help seniors with outstanding bills so they could graduate This wasn’t planned. It just happened when the board was made aware some students were going to be denied graduation because of bills,” Taborn wrote.

Congratulations to the class of 2018!


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