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Angela Doyle-Plummer has distinguished herself as a process manager at Raytheon. She is focused on career progression, promotion, and mentoring for women and people of color in the engineering community. During the pandemic, she worked with leadership to understand inclusivity with virtual teams.

As a leader in the Hardware Engineering Process Group at Raytheon, she manages processes that develop and implement practices and procedures. Angela regularly analyzes Raytheon Missile and Defense Hardware Product Teams and identifies common trends that require mitigation.

As the diversity and inclusion (D&I) lead for the electrical design directorate, Angela has made quite an impact. She was brought in as the directorate design guidance system leader to resolve issues in product design processes. Through detailed analysis, she implemented new procedures and checkpoints, resulting in reduced defects, strengthened product quality, and improved client relationships.

As a senior leader for the Raytheon Black Employee Network Group, Angela ensures early-career and mid-career employees get exposure through professional conferences, networking, and executive mentoring to develop Raytheon’s Black employee population.

Angela is also a leader within her community. She is a part of the Boston Chapter, Brooks Charter School & Worcester Public Schools, and sits on the Board of Directors for New Life Home for Women & Children organization. She is a mentor and away from home mother to students of color at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

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