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During the Historically Black College and University Engineering Deans Recognition Event at the BEYA STEM Conference this February, the Rodney C. Adkins Legacy Award for Business Transformation was presented by Howard University’s John M. Anderson, dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture, and Jackson State University’s Wilbur Walters, dean of the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology.

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The Rodney C. Adkins Award for Business Transformation is named after the 2007 Black Engineer of the Year. Mr. Adkins was honored for leading transformation across IBM and developing strategies for a new era of computing, markets, and clients. Adkins retired from IBM after a trailblazing career managing multi-billion-dollar business units and delivering product innovations and enterprise solutions.

Throughout his career, Huntley B. Myrie, vice president for strategy and commercial business programs at Spirit AeroSystems Inc., has led businesses to develop products and services for commercial and military customers. Throughout his career, his humble beginnings have served as a catalyst for philanthropic work and the impact can be seen in many individuals thriving in their careers.

Myrie joined GE Aviation in 1990 after earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He later obtained a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Boston University.

“My interest in airplanes started as I walked to elementary school in remote Jamaica and saw more planes flying over the island than cars on the unpaved roads,” Myrie said during his acceptance speech at BEYA 2023. “My life came full circle when I got my first job designing jet engine components. Getting to where I am today took a lot of personal sacrifices, risk-taking, hard work, and grit. This would not have been possible without my parent’s sacrifice, who migrated in search of better opportunities for their family. Thanks to my mentors, coaches, and other support.”

Mrie has served on the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture in Southlake, Texas, and as the executive sponsor for STEM partnership with the Cincinnati Public School Systems. In addition, he led multiple charitable events with the United Way Tocqueville Society. United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. One of the world’s largest privately funded charities, United Way is working in 95% of U.S. communities and 41 countries and territories.

Previous winners of the Rodney C. Adkins Legacy award include Verett Mims, assistant treasurer in Boeing’s global treasury operations, Paul F. McKenzie, a technical specialist in the tracked combat vehicles software modernization program at General Dynamics Land Systems,and
David C. Williams, director, project program management – AT&T Business.

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