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Carla Grant Pickens, global chief diversity & inclusion officer at IBM, has been named as one of the leading figures in diversity and inclusion by Leaders magazine.

In the online “An Interview with Carla Grant Pickens“, she defines the role of Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and how important it is to be engaged in business strategy.

Pickens also provided an overview of IBM’s diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as diversity and inclusion in IBM’s culture and values.

Talking to Leaders about how she engages employees in diversity efforts, Pickens said IBM has over 300 business resource groups (BRGs), where more than 50,000 IBMers share their personal experiences living as a minority, part of the LGBT+ community, physically disabled, or a military veteran.

Pickens also discussed how critical it is to have metrics to track the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts. (Read more at “An Interview with Carla Grant Pickens” in LEADERS Magazine’s July, August, September 2021 edition)

Thank you to Leaders Magazine for including me in your latest #Diversity and #Inclusion issue alongside many other inspiring leaders,” Pickens wrote on LinkedIn. “I was honored to share more about what @IBM is doing to advocate for equality in the workplace and society. At IBM, we believe that the outcome of fully igniting diversity and inclusion within our teams leads to greater innovation, performance, engagement, and enables both greater business growth and positive societal impact.”

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