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Sunita Benson-Agwu has had a significant impact on Exelon since she started as an intern in transmission and substation engineering.

Over the years, she has held various positions, including project manager, supervisor in construction and maintenance, and her current role as the manager of the brilliant grid project execution.

Sunita is committed to upholding Exelon’s values and promoting employee engagement. She was the 2021 Greater Washington Rising Star Leadership Fellow and serves as a program manager for Exelon’s Edge leadership development program.

Additionally, Sunita is a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council at Pepco Holdings and is a team lead for the Inclusive Workplace Subcommittee. She also leads the Learn, Share, and Grow series, which promotes alignment with other departments.

“I’m incredibly honored to be receiving the Calvin G. Butler Legacy Award today,” she said at the Historically Black College and University Engineering Deans Recognition Event held at the 38th annual BEYA STEM Conference. “I’m an immigrant who speaks multiple languages, so the word legacy, which is of Latin origin, shares a similar root with delegate, which means to assign a task. When I think of legacy, I think of people who have entrusted me with their tasks, taught me, invested in me, supported me, and most importantly, believed in me. As as I reflect on my journey from the moment I landed at the airport at LAX through the halls of Morgan State University to my professional career at Pepco, I’m grateful to all those who came before me and are paving the path ahead.”

Calvin Butler is the President and CEO of Exelon. He oversees Exelon’s six local electric and natural gas companies. He was the winner of the 2020 BEYA Chairman’s Award. With a rich background in law, business, and energy, Butler’s journey to the top is a testament to resilience, dedication, and a passion for transforming the energy landscape.

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