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STEM City USA has been chosen as the event platform for The Afro-American Newspaper’s 4th Annual Black Business Matters Expo. Click here to get tickets.

The Afro, established in 1892, has been a vital source of news and information for the African American community for over a century.

The virtual expo, which takes place on May 30th, aims to celebrate and empower Black businesses by providing valuable insights, networking opportunities, and resources to help companies thrive in today’s challenging economic landscape.


The event is sponsored by various organizations dedicated to supporting the growth and success of Black businesses, including Chase, United Bank, IFA, Tedco, United Way, Giant, PNC Bank, Live Casino-Hotel, Securityplus, and STEM City USA Baltimore.

The expo features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions with industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs, offering attendees the opportunity to learn about best practices, innovative strategies, and the latest trends in business development.

Tyrone Taborn, the creator at STEM City USA, expressed his honor at the selection of STEM City USA as the platform for this year’s Black Business Matters Expo, stating that the partnership aligns perfectly with their mission to support and elevate Black businesses through technology, education, and community engagement.

STEM City USA www.stemcityusa.com is a cutting-edge platform promoting STEM education and careers among underrepresented communities. STEM City USA provides a unique space for learning, networking, and professional development through innovative virtual environments and interactive content.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and gain the tools you need to succeed in business. Join us in celebrating the resilience and innovation of Black entrepreneurs.

The AFRO’s Annual Black Business Expo, themed “Celebrating Black-Owned Small Businesses” this year, is a virtual event designed to empower and uplift the Black entrepreneurial community. Click here to get tickets.


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