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Join the innovation influencers as they honor early to mid-career professionals at the 2019 Modern-Day Technology Leaders Luncheon during BEYA’s 33rd annual STEM Global Competitiveness Conference in Washington.

WATCH the Modern Day Technology Leaders Luncheon here

The Modern-Day Technology Leaders Award recognizes an individual’s commitment to shaping the future of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), as well as diversity and inclusion efforts in the STEM pipeline.

BEYA’s Modern-Day Technology Leaders are engineering the future. They are developing cutting-edge technology or doing research for leading industries, including:

– Aerospace/Defense Products & Services
– Aerospace, Defense, Information Security, and Advanced Technologies
– Automotive
– Shipbuilding
– Energy
– Glass & Ceramic Materials
– Information Technology
– Management Consulting
– Medical Equipment
– National Security, Health, and Engineering
– Semiconductors
– Technology-Telecom Services

The 2019 Modern-Day Technology Leaders are innovative managers or staff members of high-tech programs, bold entrepreneurs, fulfilling the ever-changing needs of large companies or the general public. They are the wealth in the pipeline that will help keep the U.S. strong, competitive, and safe in the decades ahead.


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