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The President’s Award at the 2023 BEYA Gala was presented by 2014 Black Engineer of the Year Stephanie C. Hill. This year, the award went to Chauncey McIntosh, vice president, and general manager for training and logistics solutions at Lockheed Martin. The award recognizes exceptional career gains in government and industry, lifetime achievements, and pioneering feats.

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Mr. McIntosh has an outstanding track record of leading diverse teams of thousands of people to produce advanced technologies that U.S. military service members rely on to deter aggression from adversaries and preserve peace worldwide. He believes deeply in Lockheed’s essential mission, and his enthusiasm and integrity inspire those he leads to strive for excellence daily. Previously, he served as the vice president and general manager of Lockheed’s integrated warfare systems and sensors line of business.

“In working with Chauncey on some of our nation’s most vital defense programs,” said Ms. Hill, who is executive vice president of Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) for Lockheed Martin Corporation. “I’ve also had the privilege of getting to know him. He is a proud father,  a devoted husband, and a man of faith. His passion for uplifting others is evident in the coaching and mentoring he provides to his team members and in his engagement with local nonprofit organizations that offer young people, particularly those who are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, with the education and encouragement they need to follow in his footsteps to build and rewarding life and career,” she said before presenting the President’s Award.

McIntosh has served as vice president of F-35 Training Systems for Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems. In this role, he was responsible for leading all aspects of development, production, and sustainment for F-35 training products that are in use by customers at operational bases. Prior to this role, he was director and deputy of the F-35 development business unit for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, where he was responsible for leading development programs that provided new capabilities to enable the mission of the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Navy, and International customers.

A native of Macon, Georgia, he holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from American Intercontinental University.

“First, I’d like to thank my beautiful wife, Tamara, and my daughter Hannah for making this possible. Your love and support mean everything. I am so humbled to receive this award. My success reflects my faith in God and my amazing family at home and at work. From an early age, my mother gave me the gift of curiosity. She told me to wonder, imagine, and, most importantly, ask questions like why and what if I unlocked my imagination and innovative spirit. That gift led to my passion for engineering. I also want to thank my first mentor, my father, who is watching from above; he taught me the value f helping others and never stopping reaching for my biggest dreams. I am so excited to continue to inspire the next generation to dream even more significant to help their teams and communities continue to excel and innovate for a better tomorrow.”

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