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Reverend Medgar L. Reid will make his first presentation at The Oxford American Society in New York on Friday, April 7.

The four concentrations of his talk will be Media, Religion and Spirituality, Global Economics and Literature. A segment of his presentation has been taped for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” MSNBC, CNN, and FOX.

Rev. Reid is a Fellow of the Stanford University School of Medicine Successful Aging Program.

He graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine’s Successful Aging Fellowship Program in 2013. Rev. Reid’s work focused on the expansion of neurocognitive capacity and brain health through therapy and creative visualization in storytelling.

Stanford University School of Medicine is renowned in training innovators in the clinical and life sciences.

The Oxford American was founded in 1992 in Oxford, Mississippi, and is known for featuring literary work. The OA relocated to Arkansas in the early 2000s and, under the auspices of a new nonprofit organization, the Oxford American affiliated itself with the University of Central Arkansas. In addition to publishing the magazine, the Oxford American explores Southern culture through discussion panels.

Rev. Reid is a certified mental health first aid instructor on the board of directors with The Black Mental Health Alliance. He is also a stress elimination-advising consultant to a network of businesses with a global footprint throughout 212 countries in $20 trillion industries.

Reid is a conduit to authorities in sales, marketing, strategy and compliance solutions to clients in a variety of sectors including, Armed Services, Intelligence, Veterans Affairs, Health care, Law Enforcement and Education, especially through the biotechnology and health, energy, infrastructure, and agriculture and environment portfolios.

Rev. Reid, a native of Baltimore, MD, was installed as a pastor in 2015. The service marked the 20th anniversary of his ordination at Mount Hebron Baptist Church.

He is director of spiritual care services at the Keswick Multicare Center, pastor of the Abundant Faith Church, and spiritual leader of the Open Secret Movement.

Reid was educated with The Jesuits at Loyola Blakefield. He received his Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College, after serving as a non-commissioned Avionics Intelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

As a service-connected disabled veteran, he is a fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine and received an honorary doctorate in metaphysical theology. His graduate education was at St. Mary’s Theological Seminary.

He is also a graduate of many leadership programs including The Citizens Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy and Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security Private Intelligence. He enjoys membership with The Masons (Scottish Rite, York Rite, Memphis-Misraim and Mystic), Boumi Shriners (Elite Provost Guard), Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and The Rathbone Guardians men Boule of The Knights of Pythias.

“As the director of spiritual care and chaplaincy services at Keswick in The Roland Park Area of Baltimore, MD, I work to maintain the legacy that began 130 years ago when individuals dedicated themselves to supporting chronically ill older adults,” he said. “What grew into a long-term care community now extends its resources to the larger community offering older adults opportunities to prevent and better manage chronic disease at home,” he added.

***Updated Monday, Apr 10: In the photo Rev. Reid is pictured with Oxford University Vice-Chancellor and Professor Louise Richardson.


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