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General Motors is ready to take the next step into a brave new world. The new Cruise AV is designed to operate safely with no driver, steering wheel, pedals or other manual controls when it goes on the road in 2019.

Last week, the Detroit automaker filed a safety petition with the Department of Transportation for its fourth-generation self-driving Cruise AV.

The company says it is the first production-ready vehicle built to operate on its own.

According to GM’s 2018 Self-Driving Safety Report,  GM engineered safety into the Cruise AV in every step of design, development, manufacturing, testing, and validation.

Getting all of this to the world requires integrating Silicon Valley’s  software expertise with Detroit’s systems safety and manufacturing expertise, and GM teams around the world.

The self-driving vehicles aim to eliminate human driver error — the primary cause of 94 percent of car crashes — leading to fewer injuries and fatalities.

Widespread use of electric-only vehicles will also reduce vehicle emissions, GM says. The automaker’s self-driving vehicles will all be electric, contributing to a better environment.

With nearly one of three cars on city streets simply looking for parking, GM boasts technology that will create better use of time and space.  No more sitting in traffic endlessly or congested roads and parking lots and structures.

For those who cannot drive because of age or physical disability, your ride is here. GM’s self-driving vehicles will also help improve access to mobility.


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