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The nominees for the Most Promising Engineer award demonstrate great potential for future technical contributions. These individuals are leaders who work towards making their vision a reality.

The aerospace sector is at the forefront of innovation and this Tuskegee University alum is part of the people who create magic.

Lowell Jones, an aerospace engineer, works with a team of engineers at the 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. The team provides support for industrial operations equipment vital for the maintenance of air superiority.

Starting his civilian service in 2017, Jones quickly established himself and was soon leading war wagon operations. He was responsible for supporting global operations to repair multiple military aircraft, showcasing his commitment to aiding the warfighter and ensuring continuous operation of the aircraft fleet.

Jones’s success is rooted in faith, flexibility, and the unwavering support of his loving spouse. During a month-long road assignment, he demonstrated adaptability, problem-solving skills, and collaboration to overcome challenges and contribute to the mission’s success.

His efforts aimed not only at immediate goals but also at leaving a lasting legacy of achievement. Receiving this award is a culmination of his dedicated leadership and impactful contributions. Visionaries are the product of the people, processes, and technology that came before them, and Jones is a true visionary.

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