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The Naval Air Training Command announced on Twitter Thursday that Lt. Madeline Swegle has completed training and will become its first Black female tactical jet pilot.

“BZ” (BZ means  Bravo Zulu or ‘well done), the command tweeted to Lieutenant (junior grade), or, Lt. (j.g.) Madeline Swegle on completing the Tactical Air (Strike) aviator syllabus.

Swegle is the Navy’s  first known Black female Tactical Air pilot and will receive her Wings of Gold later this month.

The Naval Air Training Command trains combat aviation professionals for the Naval Force.  On board NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, the Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) leads the Naval Air Training Command composed of five Training Air Wings located on Naval Air Stations in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. The wings are home to 17 Training Squadrons.

In 2016,  1,342 pilots and Naval Flight Officers (NFO) earned their “Wings of Gold” and the command sent 773 Aircrewmen to Fleet Replacement Squadrons to earn their wings.

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Richard MooreJuly 12, 2020
9:56 am

Navy not taking any chances that there may be somebody that is not yet officially ‘known’ to be ‘Female,’ or ‘Black’ who has become a Tactical Air Pilot. I guess that person would be a ‘unknown unknown’. But still an aviator.

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